Lockdown: Distance therapy can have benefits

  During the Covid-19 lockdown, the treatment of physical health was a priority. As the psychological wellbeing has not been a subject treated by the state, in France like in most countries, the psychologists did their best to treat their patients anyway. And it looks like therapy online was not always a bad solution. This could even have advantages. Guillaume Casez is a fifty years … Continue reading Lockdown: Distance therapy can have benefits

Finding my father – with twelve others

Thea Agnethe Eriksen grew up in Norway with her mother. She never met her dad. Over the years, this started to bother her. What was he like? Does she look like him? Do they laugh at the same jokes? She decided to find out more about him, and herself, by attending a Family Constellation session. Text by Thea Agnethe Eriksen “I think we can continue with … Continue reading Finding my father – with twelve others

Breathe yourself into change 

Everyone breathes, but how we breathe can make a big difference on who we are and how we live our lives. Can therapeutic breathing help solve my problems?  Text by Sandra Deira Photo’s by Ingrid Godager & Ramon Mebrahtu Breathing techniques have been around for thousands of years with roots in eastern cultures. People have been able to enter altered states of consciousness and experience … Continue reading Breathe yourself into change