A life in constant fear

By Leonie Kupferschmidt The civil war in Syria plunged the country into suffering and misery in 2011 and triggered a large movement of refugees. Initially known as a welcoming and solidary society, the tone towards refugees in Türkiye has become very heated in past years – but especially during the recent election: strange stares, verbal harassment, violence and even unjustified arrests – these are things … Continue reading A life in constant fear

Rage against the most persistent of pandemics

Just when the corona crisis slowed down, we were brutally reminded of the other ‘pandemic’ that has raged across the world for over 400 years. Indeed COVID-19 does not see race, status or sexual orientation. However, the pandemic has demonstrated the fatality of inequality. The overwhelmingly black deaths of New York serve as irrefutable evidence that systematic racism is so deeply embedded in our societies, that it didn’t even slip from a colourblind virus.  Continue reading Rage against the most persistent of pandemics

Diminishing the Walls of Racism

A photo feature by Patrick Lowe Los Angeles – Protests in Los Angeles, and all around the globe, started after the tragic death of George Floyd. As the days have gone by, protests in Los Angeles have become larger with more people jumping on board to fight for systematic change and to diminish the walls of racism in the United States.   The demonstrations that had started … Continue reading Diminishing the Walls of Racism