A life in constant fear

By Leonie Kupferschmidt The civil war in Syria plunged the country into suffering and misery in 2011 and triggered a large movement of refugees. Initially known as a welcoming and solidary society, the tone towards refugees in Türkiye has become very heated in past years – but especially during the recent election: strange stares, verbal harassment, violence and even unjustified arrests – these are things … Continue reading A life in constant fear

“This is what uncle Ho did”

by Simon den Balvert 27 October 2020 From post-colonial struggles to the battles to reunify Vietnam, North Vietnamese artists were key in taking the messages of Ho Chi Minh to the front of the battle and to the population of both North and South Vietnam. The Vietnamese propaganda posters were cheap and very effective. Even today, when you walk around Hanoi you see small shops … Continue reading “This is what uncle Ho did”

Kanal Istanbul, much more than just a canal

Launched as a way to relieve the busy Bosporus, the prestigious Kanal Istanbul is planned to be one of the largest infrastructure projects in the world. The 44 km canal, for which preparations started in late 2019, is expected to cost 15 billion dollars. But is it really necessary? According to Emrah Altinok, assistant professor in the Department of Architecture at Bilgi University, the real … Continue reading Kanal Istanbul, much more than just a canal

Political campaigning: online vs offline

The online-possibilities are endless and many companies, NGO’s and other organisations make good use of it. Political campaigning is a special segment in that area; is online campaigning going to be the future? Will the hard-working volunteers who are flyering on the street completely disappear? Text by Lisanne van ‘t Riet Social media is a big part of life in the western world, and more … Continue reading Political campaigning: online vs offline