PODCAST: The Future of Europe

By Valentina Kress Once a powerful, dominant structure, the European Union is experiencing hard times. Faced with challenges such as Brexit, the European refugee crisis, and political and authoritarian instability, many are left wondering how the EU is going to cope.  In her podcast, Valentine Kress explores this topic, investigating just how the future of the European Union may look. Continue reading PODCAST: The Future of Europe

Catching Trains on Efteling Tunes

PODCAST If you’ve ever been at Amsterdam Central Station, you may have noticed three things. One – it’s beautiful. Two – it’s huge. Three – there is constant music playing at night and in early mornings. And it isn’t the usual top 40 hits. In this podcast, reporter Jill Paat finds out where precisely this soundtrack comes from + why it’s played every. single. day. … Continue reading Catching Trains on Efteling Tunes