Corona on Campus

The student campus Uilenstede is, with its 3,400 residents, the largest student campus in Northern Europe. Living here means experiencing the ‘real student life’, including thirteen housemates, a dirty kitchen, and numerous parties. According to Dutch media, nothing has changed since the coronavirus. However, students and the Uilenstede residents’ association VBU claim otherwise. “The reporting is often one-sided and it sketches a wrong image.” Uilenstede … Continue reading Corona on Campus

“Teachers can’t be left behind”

Karin Smak (55) is a primary school teacher in Den Helder, Netherlands. Mari Cruz Cascudo (55) teaches at the Kueto public elementary school in Spain. Recently, due to the coronavirus, both women had to switch to online classes from March until May. A challenge for all, teachers and students, whether in The Netherlands or in Spain. Interviews by Asier Herrero and Marije de Boer How do you feel … Continue reading “Teachers can’t be left behind”

“Will people still dare to come after this?”

Corona’s impact on local businesses is different from what you think  Text & photo’s by Amy Steur The Dutch idyllic fishing village Volendam would normally be overrun with tourists, but closed borders are keeping them away. This is a problem for entrepreneurs. Fish Shop De Haven (The Harbour) is allowed to remain open in times of corona, but Photography Studio Experience Volendam, a place where … Continue reading “Will people still dare to come after this?”

Learning delays: why is the Dutch Education Union so concerned?

By Marije de Boer When I heard that the Dutch Education Union was worried about the learning delay primary school students are going to have because of the corona virus, millions of questions popped into my head. The Dutch Education Union announced that they decided that if schools don’t open up again soon, they want to shorten the summer holidays, just so students get a … Continue reading Learning delays: why is the Dutch Education Union so concerned?