Beauty Past Forty

Women from three different cultures give candid insights into how they feel about ageing and their perception of beauty as they get older. Story by Chloe McDermott Antoinette Roovers (53) Dutch/Turkish Social work How comfortable do you feel about leaving the house without make-up? Quite comfortable. When I go to work or something where I have to make an appearance then I really would like … Continue reading Beauty Past Forty

Inventing Insecurities

For centuries, women have been persuaded that there is something wrong with their appearance. Although many are aware that the beauty industry intentionally creates blemishes, the products continue to be consumed. A background story to answer the question of why. Story by Katja Pelic The cosmetic and beauty sector has substantially changed since the beginning of the 20th century. What has remained the same, however, … Continue reading Inventing Insecurities