Istanbul Nightlife

This Metropolitan city contains of over 15 million inhabitants with a wide range of nationalities. The traditional Turkish culture blends with cultures from the many tourists that enlighten the city. What does this mean for their nightlife culture? Text and photo by Sandra Deira Özgür Erdogu (37) is a business owner in Taksim and has seen the many changes the city has been through in … Continue reading Istanbul Nightlife

Building Faith

Istanbul has over 1,000 mosques. If you look closely and compare them with each other, it quickly becomes clear that the vast majority follows the same model and that some characteristics are always repeated. But there are also some of the newly built ones, whose architecture is a bit daring and leaves behind the traditional construction methods of the Ottoman and the master architect Sinan. … Continue reading Building Faith

Istanbul’s most important inhabitants

Animals that live on the street. This evokes images of emaciated, aggressive animals struggling to survive. This is not the case in Istanbul. Many Istanbul inhabitants do not let animals into their apartment but are still crazy about them. They care about them as if they were their pets. Text and photos by Jonas Armbruster Most of the city’s cats live on the streets. Every … Continue reading Istanbul’s most important inhabitants

The minefield of press freedom in Turkey

Özge Sebzeçi is a Turkish photojournalist who mainly works freelance for several international media outlets. She didn’t feel the changes in the media landscape like other Turkish journalists have. Özge does have a very clear view on how journalists deal with the current working climate in Turkey, as she has a few journalist friends who have experienced it firsthand. Here’s what she had to say. … Continue reading The minefield of press freedom in Turkey

Please, tell our story

Turkey is home to over 50.000 Uyghurs, people who originate from former East-Turkistan, now known as Xinjiang province in China. 50.000 people eager to talk about what is happening in China. But in Turkey, the media do not cover their story. Text and photos by Julia van den Muijsenberg Since 2017, millions of Uyghur people locked away in Chinese re-education camps. The Chinese government is … Continue reading Please, tell our story

Istanbul: a trap for the disabled?

Anyone who has ever visited Istanbul will agree that it’s an enormous city, with lots of options for public transport. But how accessible is the city for its disabled citizens and visitors? And how much effort does the city put into these kinds of services? Text and photos By Astrid Vlaeminck and Iris Geerardyn In Bilgi University there is a unit especially for disabled students, … Continue reading Istanbul: a trap for the disabled?

Shaky Istanbul

Istanbul is located in an active earthquake area. For a city with more than 15 million people, it’s not possible to make every building earthquake safe. People are aware of the consequences of living there, but are stuck in their old apartments. Photos and text by Thirza de Raad and Iris van Schie Dozens of minor earthquakes and aftershocks occur yearly in and around Istanbul … Continue reading Shaky Istanbul