Sex, drugs and scientology

By: Sam van Royen SCIENTOLOGY CHURCH – 10:30 AM – AMSTERDAM ‘Hi, I’m here to meet Robert Kruijt.’ The lady at the reception looked up from her paper and looked at me curiously. ‘Does he know you’re coming?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Okay, I’ll give him a call. Please write your details here.’ I filled in the logbook and saw two other names – it wasn’t very busy. … Continue reading Sex, drugs and scientology

Future: Life After Sport

By Liora Israelsohn Breaking records, beating personal bests, always chasing something just out of reach. This is the life of an athlete; focused and goal-oriented. But what happens after the ultimate goal is achieved? After the Olympics, World Cup, or international championship? How do athletes make the transition into a new life after sport? What steps can they take to ensure a successful future? The … Continue reading Future: Life After Sport

The (un)fortunate ones

by: Jill Paat We tend to fantasise about our future. We might expect that everything will turn out exactly the way that we’ve planned. But that’s when life happens. What if your expectations don’t match reality? This was the case for three (un)fortunate ones who, for different reasons, didn’t have a say in what their future would hold.  Martien Hunnik (59) Martien has been unjustly … Continue reading The (un)fortunate ones

“You could say that we stopped our evolving.”

By Jing de Visser   Even though climate change, war and refugee crises are things we have on our minds, we still seem pretty optimistic about our future as a human race. Are the experts too however? We are living in the Anthropocene age, also known as the ‘human age’. What this means and how we ended up here is something that expert Lars van … Continue reading “You could say that we stopped our evolving.”

What If: The European Union Fell Apart?

By Poppy Prescott Eurosceptic movements have been gaining momentum all over Europe. This culminated in Britain when the British public voted to leave the European Union last June. It leaves a problematic question for many citizens in EU member states: What if it happens here too? Dr. Anthony Zito, a professor of European Public Policy at Newcastle University sheds light on this question. With the … Continue reading What If: The European Union Fell Apart?

Travel from your Sofa to your Desired Holiday Destination

It seems too good to be true – a ‘real’ travel experience whilst you’re actually just chilling on your sofa at home. Possible travel destinations are endless. From sunbathing in Bali and sightseeing in Tokyo, to skiing in the French Alps – there is so much choice. Fabian Baardolf is project manager at Viewr, a company that’s specialised in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions. … Continue reading Travel from your Sofa to your Desired Holiday Destination

Mum, dad and their boyfriend

MUM, DAD AND THEIR BOYFRIEND An interview with Elisabeth Sheff With our society slowly opening up to more sexualities, the world is starting to become more accepting and diverse. However, for many people relationships are still only between two people – a concept that is called monogamy. But the contrary has a name as well: polyamory. In this case, there can be more than two … Continue reading Mum, dad and their boyfriend