Rage against the most persistent of pandemics

Just when the corona crisis slowed down, we were brutally reminded of the other ‘pandemic’ that has raged across the world for over 400 years. Indeed COVID-19 does not see race, status or sexual orientation. However, the pandemic has demonstrated the fatality of inequality. The overwhelmingly black deaths of New York serve as irrefutable evidence that systematic racism is so deeply embedded in our societies, that it didn’t even slip from a colourblind virus.  Continue reading Rage against the most persistent of pandemics

Socialism on the rise in California since pandemic

“Recent developments of the Corona outbreak have fueled Californians’ desire to adopt a more socialist political ideology” – Alexander Smith

The pandemic has stimulated people in California to become more active in the democratic socialist movement. Addison Winslow and Alexander Smith, who are both organizers of the Democratic Socialists of America in Northern California, have been actively involved in the community while helping people in need during these times of crisis.

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