Staff war at Lufthansa – Airline enters more turbulence

Flight attendant Anna Schuchert (23) talks about the impact of Corona, resulting in employee fights splitting the staff and the new normal due to the Covid-19 measures. The airline, founded in 1953, faced a serious existential crisis due to the lockdown of the world beginning March 2020 resulting in the cancellation of more then 23.000 flights in April alone, with many employees loosing their jobs. … Continue reading Staff war at Lufthansa – Airline enters more turbulence

Corona on Campus

The student campus Uilenstede is, with its 3,400 residents, the largest student campus in Northern Europe. Living here means experiencing the ‘real student life’, including thirteen housemates, a dirty kitchen, and numerous parties. According to Dutch media, nothing has changed since the coronavirus. However, students and the Uilenstede residents’ association VBU claim otherwise. “The reporting is often one-sided and it sketches a wrong image.” Uilenstede … Continue reading Corona on Campus

“Corona strikes at Amersfoort high school”

The Amersfoort high school hasn’t even been open for two full weeks or the first cases of the virus are present. On the weekend of 13 September the school found out that multiple teachers have been infected with the corona virus. Over a span of two days, two teachers have been tested positive and three more are waiting at home until they can get tested. … Continue reading “Corona strikes at Amersfoort high school”

Abkhazia: A forgotten conflict

Ghost towns, bombed houses: The frozen conflict in the South Caucasus region Abkhazia is almost forgotten. It’s time to remember it, to find a possible solution. But is that even possible? Can the corona pandemic bring a change?  A podcast by Lea Dillmann Abkhazia, known as the favorite holiday spot of former Russian dictator Josef Stalin, located northeast at the black sea along the Russian border. … Continue reading Abkhazia: A forgotten conflict

Starting a radio show during a pandemic

Video by Lea Dillmann That’s not how they imagined it: The media students Christopher Müller and Noah Weber want to start their own radio show. Then a pandemic breaks out. How do they manage to broadcast live from the studio despite the corona measures? Find out now! Weber & Müller every Tuesday from 10 to 11 am on You are in Stuttgart? Stream the … Continue reading Starting a radio show during a pandemic

Adjusting the radio waves

By Asier Herrero The coronavirus has forced radio hosts, collaborators and guests to be evicted from the radio studio to keep the safety distance. Radio stations have been reinventing themselves to look for new ways to return. But how does this work in reality?   Xabier Gonzalez is sitting in his desk chair in the middle of the small newsroom of radio studio Bizkaia Irratia. … Continue reading Adjusting the radio waves