Finding my father – with twelve others

Thea Agnethe Eriksen grew up in Norway with her mother. She never met her dad. Over the years, this started to bother her. What was he like? Does she look like him? Do they laugh at the same jokes? She decided to find out more about him, and herself, by attending a Family Constellation session. Text by Thea Agnethe Eriksen “I think we can continue with … Continue reading Finding my father – with twelve others

Sex on demand

Lyle Muns (25) is a political science student and sexworker. When he is working, he has to change his mindset to have sex with guys he normally would never have sex with. Text by Ronny Taferner, Illustration by Jonas Armbruster It’s Wednesday, 19.23 and suddenly Lyle Muns’ phone rings – an unknown number. It’s a man who wants sex. A couple of minutes later, Lyle jumps … Continue reading Sex on demand

Very nice to meet you (again)

The human brain consists of millions of roads leading to countless memories and landmarks, which are stored in an orderly manner throughout your life. But what if your brain turns into a grey mash where it becomes more and more difficult to find one’s way? Text and photos by Mila Emmer Cees van der Maat (97) walks through the long, crème-coloured corridor with his walker. … Continue reading Very nice to meet you (again)

The vicious circle of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has gained popularity over the last few years. Selinah Demir (22) has undergone several cosmetic procedures in an attempt to keep up with today’s beauty standards. Text by Samen Rehman, photos by Ingrid Godager & Ramon Mebrahtu  At the age of sixteen, Selinah Demir started to dislike a particular feature of her face. “When I took selfies, I wondered what I looked like … Continue reading The vicious circle of plastic surgery

Amsterdam: city scars

From just 30.000 residents in the 1500s to more than 900.000 in 2019, Amsterdam has expanded a great deal. This also means that some of the city’s historic buildings were demolished, while others still remain 400 years later. But exactly how have some of the areas in Amsterdam changed throughout the years? Text and photos by Bart Jacobs The Waterlooplein was once the beating heart … Continue reading Amsterdam: city scars

The witch is back

They were hunted for centuries, burned at the stake, and prosecuted for standing out. Now the witch is back, but not like we knew her.  Text by Natasha Jahanshahi, photos by Ramon Mebrahtu and Ingrid Godager Kim Heemskerk (28) sits at her kitchen table in Boskoop, Holland, and shuffles a deck of intricately decorated cards in her hands. She carefully draws a card and places … Continue reading The witch is back

Life changing events: from classroom to chemo

Ilya Klaassen was 18 when she found out she had Hodgkin disease: A form of cancer only young people around the age of 18 to 20 are diagnosed with. For Ilya this meant going from attending lectures to undergoing surgery and chemotherapy. Text by Lisanne van ‘t Riet, photos by Ramon Mebrahtu Ilya was starting her first year in Korean studies at the University of … Continue reading Life changing events: from classroom to chemo

Life-changing novels

Everyone has had the experience – when you were shaken by a book. A novel usually which gives you a new direction. And who knows these life changing books better other than a bookseller. Four readers about life changing reads. Text by Iris van Schie, photos by Jonas Armbruster Book The Laws by Connie Palmen Reader Bob Kappen (29), works at Athenaeum, Spui. When did … Continue reading Life-changing novels