“The AKP-government tries to infiltrate people”

Propaganda in Turkey By Felix Kostersitz   There are not many countries all over the world where propaganda is practiced like in Turkey. Although the country is officially a parliamentary democracy, many Europeans consider President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (almost) as a dictator who infiltrates the population. I talked to Muhammed Özdemir, a 23-year-old Austrian who was born and raised in Turkey. Today he studies journalism … Continue reading “The AKP-government tries to infiltrate people”

“Propaganda makes the people feel united”

The time before the Catalan referendum has been called a ‘propaganda war’. The Spanish government and the people of Catalonia express their opinions through news channels, social media and in the streets. Laura Masip, a student from Barcelona, believes the propaganda from both sides brings the Catalan people together and makes them stronger than ever. BY ELISABETH ULLA UKSNØY It is not the first time … Continue reading “Propaganda makes the people feel united”

The Propaganda of the Century: Trump Tweeting!

“The problem with propaganda is you do not see the full universe of facts.” By Elif DOGANYIGIT The 21st century has been a time that is witnessing all sorts of new propaganda tactics in different countries and cultures: Putin in Russia, Erdogan in Turkey, and Trump’s modern media propaganda in the United States. All of the major world leaders’ propaganda differs from each other primarily … Continue reading The Propaganda of the Century: Trump Tweeting!

“I just want to bring more positivity to the world”

Jill is a 25-years old Media, Information and Communication student at the Hogeschool of Amsterdam. Currently, she is taking a minor in International Journalism to better her English writing skills. Though eventually, her heart does not really belong in journalism, it belongs in campaign-making. As a soon-to-be undergraduate, Jill has not started making plans after finishing her studies yet. She does not have a clear … Continue reading “I just want to bring more positivity to the world”

“I can move mountains”

From the City of Love to the City of Freedom: Journalism student Marion Caspar from Paris just arrived in her new home in Amsterdam to start her year abroad. TEXT AND PHOTO: Leonie Rothacker Sitting on a bench by the popular Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, all alone at 10 in the morning, listening to music and watching the boats passing by – this is how Marion … Continue reading “I can move mountains”