Modern Life, Modern Challenges – Part 1

Written by Talia Farghaly Image by Talia Farghaly  The Six Pillars Of Modern Life  Even though today’s society is the most developed to date (healthcare is most advanced, we can connect with people around the world and learn anything and everything online) humans are not the happiest they have ever been. Modern life brings modern challenges into our lives. The next two articles will first … Continue reading Modern Life, Modern Challenges – Part 1

The Endless Sagrada Familia

By Marion Caspar After over 135 years of construction work, he Basilica Sagrada Familia is almost finished. According to the communication and press department of the most famous church in Barcelona, it will be finished in 2026. It will not be completed entirely, just architecturally; there will be some sculptures left to build. We will not be able to see the entire Gaudí’s creation before … Continue reading The Endless Sagrada Familia

Gaudi: A Cultural Icon for Tourism

By Marion Caspar Antoni Gaudí is a legacy for Barcelona, and Barcelona is an art gallery for Gaudí. However, it took one hundred years before the architect was fully appreciated and became an icon, especially for foreign tourists. ‘He is promoted by the city, but other architects are extremely good too.’ As the face of the ‘Catalan Modernism’ art movement, which is a part of … Continue reading Gaudi: A Cultural Icon for Tourism

Tattoo Talent in the Gothic Quarter

By Megan Whitfield Long recognised for its vibrant artistic flair, the creative spirit of Barcelona is not restricted to it’s unique architecture. One only needs to take a quick look around the bustly streets of the city to notice this creativity reflected on the skin of it’s passionate citizens. “I spent 15 years cooking, but the kitchen is boring. And hot. The menus would only … Continue reading Tattoo Talent in the Gothic Quarter

How the terrorist attack changed Las Ramblas

By Roxanne Hendrickx On August 17th time stood still in Barcelona. A white van entered the busy boulevard Las Ramblas and zigzagged over the sidewalk for almost half a kilometre, killing 13 people and wounding many more. It was a tragic event that affected a lot of people living, working and visiting the city. But how does Las Ramblas look now, five months after the … Continue reading How the terrorist attack changed Las Ramblas

Sunshine and Startups: Barcelona’s Rise as an International Startup Hub

By Megan Whitfield   Long regarded for its innovation in architecture and creative spirit, Barcelona has now cemented this reputation into business as well. Although the broader economy feels the impact of the recent political unrest, the Catalonian capital is rising up the ranks to become one of the top startup hubs in Europe. Well and truly established as an important international competitor, this bustly … Continue reading Sunshine and Startups: Barcelona’s Rise as an International Startup Hub

Busking: “We play music for the people”

By Roselin Walgien Street musicians in Europe’s big cities are under pressure. While playing in the streets is still allowed and some places, music in the subway is often forbidden. Still, buskers keep trying to make money underground, for example on the subway in Barcelona. ‘We want to wake them up and get them interested in music again.’ When you travel by metro in Barcelona you … Continue reading Busking: “We play music for the people”

“Surviving is not and should never be a crime”

Article and photos by Larice Schuurbiers Selling bags, trainers and other cheap accessories to tourists on the streets is officially illegal in Spain, but in Barcelona, a few hundred manteros earn their living this way. These street vendors are often from migrant backgrounds, as the majority of manteros is from Senegal but also from Pakistan and India. Most of them are undocumented immigrants who came … Continue reading “Surviving is not and should never be a crime”

Will the bulls be back?

Catalonia banned bullfighting a few years ago the ban is reversed by the Spanish Supreme court. By Jing de Visser and Elif Doganyigit January 11, 2018 BARCELONA-Bullfighting is one of Spain’s most well-known traditions. In 2010 bullfighting was banned by the Catalonian government and was reversed in 2016, because the Supreme Court of Spain in Madrid ruled that any territories of Spain cannot ban a … Continue reading Will the bulls be back?