The iron triangle

A piece by Maxim Etty, Dave Lantinga and Diogo Baptista Alongside the peaceful, slow floating waters of Amsterdam’s canals, we find 58 large concrete structured subway stations to transport 87.000 people daily to their destinations. Compared to the look and feel of the city center, the subways do certainly not have the same vibe. Especially girls don’t feel comfortable taking the subway to the suburbs … Continue reading The iron triangle

Terror in Amsterdam

On Friday the 31st of August, a 19-year-old man from Afghanistan stabbed and seriously injured two American tourists at the busy Centraal station in Amsterdam. It has now been confirmed that the incident was terror-related. On Wednesday the 11th of September two reporters, Dalla and Amber went to the Centraal station to have a chat with people about how safe they feel after the attack. … Continue reading Terror in Amsterdam