Impact of gentrification on Istanbul

Istanbul is an everchanging city, and its architecture is no exception. The shift from traditional to modern buildings is slowly progressing. This gentrification is making a big difference in the architectural landscapes. Besides, these renovations also include many different consequences for the tourists and locals. Zuhal Ulusoy, dean of the faculty of Architecture at Bilgi University Istanbul, has a lot of experience in the field … Continue reading Impact of gentrification on Istanbul

Galataport: progress or regression?

Turkey’s popular contemporary art museum Istanbul Modern, designed by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, has reopened its doors to visitors on May 4th after undergoing a major rebuild. Istanbul Modern, located in Galataport, Karaköy, is one of the most recent additions of the Galata Port Project, which strives to be Istanbul’s hub for arts and culture.  Many residents believe that the museum’s offering of art … Continue reading Galataport: progress or regression?

Facing globalisation, craftmanship is surviving

By Axel Benaben In the heart of the biggest city of Turkey, in between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia, lies a peaceful heaven, the İstanbul Sanatları Çarşısı (Istanbul Arts Bazaar). Settled in a somewhat typical 18th century Ottoman building, this place is home to people keeping the Istanbul’s crafts tradition alive. The Arts Bazaar presents 11 art branches and a café in its 12 … Continue reading Facing globalisation, craftmanship is surviving

Overpopulation make transportation suffer

Istanbul has for many years been struggling with traffic. Traffic jams, fully crowded roads, and crowded public transport added to a population that keeps growing making it problematic for the inhabitants. According to a report by TomTom, it takes 20 minutes and 40 seconds on average to travel ten kilometers in Istanbul. The busiest time is 6. p.m on weekdays with an average of 30 … Continue reading Overpopulation make transportation suffer

Turkish middle-class struggles due to inflation

Buying power has decreased sharply due to inflation and many people are affected by this matter. The inflation caused a lot of problems for the Turkish citizens especially students and the middle class.   Inflation in Turkey rose above 85% last year. Currently the inflation decreased to 39,6%, and the lira has already lost 77 percent of its value since 2018. Professor of economics at … Continue reading Turkish middle-class struggles due to inflation

A breath of fresh air in Istanbul

Büyükada, the largest of the Princes’ Island located in Istanbul’s metropolis, holds a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The beautiful landscapes and the absence of noise pollution gives the impression that time slows down. With the bikes and electric cars, it is the complete opposite from the city. Only 75 minutes away from the capital of Turkey, going to Büyükada is like entering a whole different … Continue reading A breath of fresh air in Istanbul

“We are here, and we are not leaving!”

The LGBTQ+ Community will be fighting for their rights in Istanbul By Carla Edelmann Despite all hopes, Erdogan is still the winner of this year’s election in the second round. One thing that stood out in the run-up to the election was Erdogan’s hate speech against the LGBTQ+ community. According to him, the LGBTQ+ community represents “deviant structures” and is a “virus of heresy”. With Erdogan beginning his … Continue reading “We are here, and we are not leaving!”

The ultimate love for food in Turkish culture

Wandering through the beauty of the city of Istanbul, you will find yourself in a lovely space filled with food on every corner. Where does the love for food in Turkish Culture come from, and why is the Turkish cuisine so important? Annelotte spoke with Bülent Çolak from a restaurant in Beşiktaş and also spoke with Efe Kaan Ulu, a faculty member PhD at the … Continue reading The ultimate love for food in Turkish culture

The Pudding shop: a small restaurant with a huge impact

Between the busy streets of Istanbul’s Sultanahmet district, at the foot of the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, lies the famous Lale restaurant, also known as “The Pudding Shop”. From afar I can already see the owner Namik Colpan and his cousin Adem Colpan sitting proudly on a bench in front of the once so popular hippie hangout. But what is actually left of … Continue reading The Pudding shop: a small restaurant with a huge impact