A New Narrative

By Shaquille Joy  Now more than ever, the way we engage and share stories starts to change. The wish for virtual and digital spaces becomes bigger, especially for communities that need safe spaces to share their experiences or just come together.  For some people, the most exciting stories revolve around something they can see themselves in. Others prefer a storyline that, in unrealistic ways, completely … Continue reading A New Narrative

Liberty to Life

By: Sage Bankasingh As of October 2020, Toronto had 124 active cranes, making it the city with the most cranes in North America. As a move towards a smarter city, a common trend seen in Toronto is the complete demolition and redevelopment of these neighbourhoods – which results in little to no preservation of historical spaces.   Some neighbourhoods are starting to defy this trend, and … Continue reading Liberty to Life

From playing Sims to becoming Sims

By Cheyenne van Dreumel & Leroy Leijtens More and more we are blurring the lines between physical and digital realities. The world has been playing games like Sims for the past 21 years, could it be that we are becoming Sims ourselves? In May 2019, a dress by Dutch brand The Fabricant was sold for $9,500 during a blockchain conference. The only thing different about … Continue reading From playing Sims to becoming Sims

“11 years at the airport and I have never seen anything like this”

Impressions from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport following Europe’s travel bans and lock down implementations. Photos and text by Veronica Kontopoulou It is not business as usual at Schiphol Airport this Sunday evening. Many of the travelers, have had to battle through a multitude of flight cancellations to return to their home country. The COVID-19 outbreak is visible everywhere; in the red and white tapes restricting passengers … Continue reading “11 years at the airport and I have never seen anything like this”