From Kentucky to New York City

by Tatiana Costa Lopes   New York is the fashion capital of the United States. Tatiana met up with McKenzie and Bryson, two young people from Louisville, Kentucky trying to make it in the Big Apple. They shared their hopes, goals and less exciting realities of moving from a small town to New York City to pursue a fashion career. Continue reading From Kentucky to New York City

New York City newest food influencers are squirrels

By Bram van Wijnen and Anne Schoonderwoert   If you think about food influencers, animals are not the first thing that comes to mind. But New York has some unusual participants to the latest food trends. The newest hype are the well-known animals from the parks: squirrels. Pictures showed they switched from eating berries to more highbrow foods such as avocados. But is that really … Continue reading New York City newest food influencers are squirrels

Behind the Gram

By Jet Beers Many famous instagrammers spend 4 hours a day working on growing their community and spread their images on Instagram. Influencers, content creators and bloggers, Alain Wassenaar (21) and Roy Boersma (20), are going for the ultimate freedom. Despite negative reactions around them, the guys continued to follow their dream, “Instagram is not something you can turn off, it goes on 24 hours … Continue reading Behind the Gram