Government’s COVID-19 choices: Risky Gamble or Strategic Masterplan?

15-02-2021 Naomi ‘t Hart Research conducted by RIVM, the GGD’s and the GGD GHOR, three of the most important health institutions in The Netherlands, shows that 45 per cent of the population is positive about the government's approach to the corona crisis. In November of last year, this number was 58 per cent, meaning a decline of thirteen per cent in the past two months. … Continue reading Government’s COVID-19 choices: Risky Gamble or Strategic Masterplan?

New Semester!

Welcome everyone to a new semester at HvA’s International Journalism minor programme. This semester, we’re a cohort of sixteen. Together we’re set to explore the world of journalism amid a global pandemic. We also have two International students joining us virtually from Toronto, Canada who will be bringing a Canadian perspective. Together we will create content like podcasts, videos, magazines and photos as we learn … Continue reading New Semester!

Greek Lockdown?

Text by Korina Krithara Picture by Korina Krithara During the summertime in Greece Anastasia, a 25 years old business student in the Netherlands, had returned to her country to solve the issue of safety. She was sitting on a hot day at a café waiting for her friend. ‘One day we learned about Covid-19,’ says Anastasia. She had received a vast amount of information and … Continue reading Greek Lockdown?

Friendships in the time of Corona

by Dauphine Vernimmen Silence. Empty streets, empty cities and closed restaurants. The noise moved to our computers. Everything is going online: work, friendships and meetings. All of us soon adapted to interacting with friends and loved ones solely through screens. Speaking to friends through WhatsApp and having daily Zoom meetings is useful to stay in touch but it is not the same as it used … Continue reading Friendships in the time of Corona

“I’m slowly getting my strength back”

Cancer recurrence during a pandemic By Laszlo Lieffering   Valesqua de Waal (22) heard that her cancer, Non-Hodgkin, had just come back before the pandemic started. Her life suddenly completely changed, especially with the arrival of the coronavirus in the Netherlands. Valesqua was obliged to rewind. When the pandemic started, our society froze. Valesqua’s life was already on hold because she heard her Non-Hodgkin came … Continue reading “I’m slowly getting my strength back”

Finnish Government’s hands tied due to rigid legislation

The country’s inflexible legislation poses unexpected obstacles for the Finnish government to deal with the coronavirus outbreak as swiftly as perhaps desired. Already when the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Finland were shy of 400, the government took firm measures to close all schools, universities, gyms, libraries and other public buildings. It seemed as though the Finnish government was going to tackle the outbreak with … Continue reading Finnish Government’s hands tied due to rigid legislation

Orbán’s FIDESZ remains the largest represented Hungarian party in the EP

Written by Chirine Aboussaad and Charisa Chotoe For many years now Hungarian politics is being led by Orbán’s FIDESZ party. When looking at the numbers, Budapest – the country’s only big city – voted in large numbers for DK, MSZP and Momentum. A majority of the votes for Orbán are coming from the country-side. “They only listen to radio stations and broadcasters owned by the regime.” … Continue reading Orbán’s FIDESZ remains the largest represented Hungarian party in the EP

Go for Green

by Dave Lantinga & Maxim Etty Vocal sounds swish through concrete walls of the 19th century Heldenplatz. Sounds of people with a voice that want to be heard. When entering through the historical bow that leads to the square, one sees signs of green. This time not led by the flora of the square garden that normally adds the natural look and feel to the … Continue reading Go for Green