The iron triangle

A piece by Maxim Etty, Dave Lantinga and Diogo Baptista Alongside the peaceful, slow floating waters of Amsterdam’s canals, we find 58 large concrete structured subway stations to transport 87.000 people daily to their destinations. Compared to the look and feel of the city center, the subways do certainly not have the same vibe. Especially girls don’t feel comfortable taking the subway to the suburbs … Continue reading The iron triangle

From Kentucky to New York City

by Tatiana Costa Lopes   New York is the fashion capital of the United States. Tatiana met up with McKenzie and Bryson, two young people from Louisville, Kentucky trying to make it in the Big Apple. They shared their hopes, goals and less exciting realities of moving from a small town to New York City to pursue a fashion career. Continue reading From Kentucky to New York City

The never-ending search for ‘home’

by Sam van der Loo   Have you never seen a home plate on a football field? Then you should visit a game of New York City FC. The club was founded in May 2013, but still doesn’t have its own stadium and plays its home games at the world-famous Yankee Stadium of MLB side New York Yankees. To the annoyance of the football club’s … Continue reading The never-ending search for ‘home’

New York response to the Trump TV Speech

By: Bram van Wijnen & Anne Schoonderwoert Donald Trump gave a live speech from the oval office for the first time during his presidency. During his nine minutes speech, he addressed one of the biggest promises he made during his election: the wall. Trump’s speech, broadcasted live on every news channel in the United States, attracted millions of viewers. At 9 PM local time, all … Continue reading New York response to the Trump TV Speech

Multiculturalism as a way of life: Bijlmer

Photograph of “I love Iran” sticker in the center of Bijlmer, by Salvador Nito Salvador Nito and Sebastian Aceves Far away from the bustling and iconic Amsterdam city center, a neighborhood located in Zuidoost thrives in multiculturality and breaths an air of its own. This is Bijlmermeer, also known as the shortened ‘Bijlmer’, an area that for long time has been associated with crime and … Continue reading Multiculturalism as a way of life: Bijlmer

Centre of safety?

By: Dana Dubbers and Laura Hornberger   Amsterdam counts as one oft he safest cities, although it’s the unsafest city in the Netherlands, according to mainstream media. How come there’s so many different opinions? Shop owners in the city centre explain.   Cyclists are queuing up behind the litter service that collects the rubbish from Rembrandtplein. The tables in front of the bars are empty. … Continue reading Centre of safety?

How Amsterdam wants to fight climate change

By Vincent Leb A new study has found that the average temperature in Amsterdam has increased by nearly one degree since the start of the millennium. To limit the effects of climate change, the current city government has ambitious plans. Climate change seems to have started in Amsterdam: According to data collected by the European Journalism Data Network, the average temperature in the 21st century … Continue reading How Amsterdam wants to fight climate change