Fleeing – with a mental illness

Anna Monastyrova – Fleeing your country because of war is a traumatic experience. Imagine doing that with a mental illness – you could assume that’s even harder. That’s the case for Marianna, a young refugee from Ukraine struggling with bipolar disorder. Back in Ukraine, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but her diagnosis is still not final. She needs cognitive-behavioural therapy and help with choosing … Continue reading Fleeing – with a mental illness

Austria’s dependence on Russia’s gas

Julia Steiner –  As the tension between the EU and Russia rises over the Ukraine conflict, so does the concern about a possible disruption in gas supplies to Austria. Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday 17th February. Today is the fifth day since the attack, and the whole world looks to the east. While the tension was rising, in the last months between the two countries, … Continue reading Austria’s dependence on Russia’s gas