Harmonia – a 4-star hotel for the homeless

By Vincent Leb and Amber Vuylsteke   Hotel Chandler on 31ststreet used to cater to upscale New York tourists. But in late 2017, it transformed into an emergency accommodation for homeless people: Harmonia Shelter. One year after operations started, some residents remain hostile about their new neighbour. However, one question remains: Was this change meant to help the poor, or the rich The warm sunlight … Continue reading Harmonia – a 4-star hotel for the homeless

Mixed feelings on anti-Semitism in New York

By Brianna Novak and Emma Wendt Last October eleven Jewish Americans were killed in a Pittsburgh synagogue. The gunman was a white rightwing nationalist. The incident has propelled a discussion on whether anti-Semitism is on the rise in America. The Jewish community in New York City has different views on the effect of this incident. Continue reading Mixed feelings on anti-Semitism in New York

Home away from Home

By: Nina Müller Over the past decades, several thousands of Russians and Ukrainians immigrated to the United States. Especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a big wave of Soviet exiles settled in and around New York. Since then, they have formed a quiet and modest community. But over the past years the everlasting conflict between Russia and Ukraine has intensified. How does this … Continue reading Home away from Home

 New York City’s food fighters

By Jet Beers Whatever you’re craving for, you can get it fast and cheap at the food vendors in the streets of New York City. There are around 12000 to 15000 street vendors in the city, but only 5000 actually have a license. The competition between the trucks is immense, and the pressure is high. ‘Wheeler dealers’ who mostly moved here to make their American … Continue reading  New York City’s food fighters

The never-ending search for ‘home’

by Sam van der Loo   Have you never seen a home plate on a football field? Then you should visit a game of New York City FC. The club was founded in May 2013, but still doesn’t have its own stadium and plays its home games at the world-famous Yankee Stadium of MLB side New York Yankees. To the annoyance of the football club’s … Continue reading The never-ending search for ‘home’

New York City newest food influencers are squirrels

By Bram van Wijnen and Anne Schoonderwoert   If you think about food influencers, animals are not the first thing that comes to mind. But New York has some unusual participants to the latest food trends. The newest hype are the well-known animals from the parks: squirrels. Pictures showed they switched from eating berries to more highbrow foods such as avocados. But is that really … Continue reading New York City newest food influencers are squirrels

“Theatre in New York is so much more than Broadway”

By: Denise van der Bij When you think about theatre in New York, the first thing that comes to mind is Broadway: the most prestigious form of professional theatre in the world. But in the shadow of the big musicals lies a different type of theatre which is less famous and commercial, but more experimental and with that maybe even more intriguing: Off-Off-Broadway. La MaMa … Continue reading “Theatre in New York is so much more than Broadway”

‘There’s really a demand for services in Swedish’

By: Evelina Kulp Each year The Church of Sweden on Manhattan has about 15.000 visitors and almost 100 wedding ceremonies. The church serves as a centre for the thousands of Swedes living in New York. People walking down busy Midtown Manhattan and its countless skyscrapers might spot a Swedish flag in the middle of the rumbling concrete jungle. It’s the Church of Sweden that has … Continue reading ‘There’s really a demand for services in Swedish’

Immigrants: the perfect scapegoats

By: Jose Nito Salvador Last Sunday sixth of January, residents of Rome went out to the streets to protest against anti-immigration policies of current far-right government, which refused to accept boats with African refugees. Malta has accepted the ships, however the migration debate remains to be divisive. It’s a cold morning in Rome. The sunrays start warming up the streets of the eternal city. It’s … Continue reading Immigrants: the perfect scapegoats

“Somebody who’s homeless is more comfortable than us”

By: Amber Vuylsteke Que (32) is a social worker at Mainchance, a drop-in center for homeless adults in Manhattan, New York City. On an average day the shelter serves 200 people and around 70 stay for the night. “People are homeless, but it’s not that they don’t have options. It’s not always about a home. I’m sure everyone can stay somewhere for the night, if … Continue reading “Somebody who’s homeless is more comfortable than us”