On night patrol with The Dark Guardian

By Dana Dübbers and Laura Hornberger   The appearance of Chris Pollak is reminiscent of the colourful but shady figures of superheroes in comic books. As his alias Dark Guardian, he patrols Staten Island at night to keep the neighbourhood safe. Is this a cry for attention or a necessary support for safety in the community? Pollak stands at a crossroad opposite Tompkinsville Park in … Continue reading On night patrol with The Dark Guardian

Escaping the price

By Livia Hirsch Fare evasion has skyrocketed since 2015. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (M.T.A.) expects to lose $215 million dollars in 2019 due to fare evasion on subway and buses. Close to 208,000 people ride the subway every day without paying. This equals to approximately 4% of all daily commuters. The agency can measure this by posting staff throughout the year at various subway stations … Continue reading Escaping the price

Rangers vs Islanders: The ‘Battle’ of New York

By Denise van der Bij New York hosts ten major league sports teams. Among them there are some intense team rivalries. On January 10, the heated ice hockey game between the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders was played at the Madison Square Garden. Even though there were some fights on the ice and the Rangers fell to the Islanders (4-3), the atmosphere … Continue reading Rangers vs Islanders: The ‘Battle’ of New York

German immigration in New York

By Brianna Novak    In the 19th century more than 370.000 Germans came to New York City. They lived in districts like Kleindeutschland on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Yorkville on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. After both world wars they were given a bad image which is why today there is almost nothing left of German culture in New York. Our … Continue reading German immigration in New York

Spider Mother are Putting the Punk Back in Poetry

By: Jasmine Wallis In the ultra-capitalist, ever-moving Manhattan, it sometimes feels like business rules all. But tucked away under the neon fast food signs and boutique stores in downtown New York City, the 8-Ball Community space got together on a Thursday night for their first Spider Mother reading and performance series. Our reporter Jasmine Wallis was somewhere in the eclectic crowd. Because it’s the 21st … Continue reading Spider Mother are Putting the Punk Back in Poetry