Spirituality, A Podcast for Renaissance Magazine

By: Naomi ‘t Hart Spirituality. It seems to be that people either dig it or loathe it. I was always on the more loathing side of the spectrum, but, since we have gone into our second year of the pandemic, I have become more receptive to anything that will give me some mental stability. I started reading up on different forms of spiritual and alternative … Continue reading Spirituality, A Podcast for Renaissance Magazine

Angle Radio: Episode Seven

Welcome to episode seven of Angle Radio, hosted by Cheyenne van Dreumel and Sharon Verhoeks. Today’s show it’s all about closure. It’s a heavy topic worth talking about since everyone has a personal story about closing a chapter in their lives. On this episode will talk about dealing with death, moving on from a relationship or even the need for closure among other things. Continue reading Angle Radio: Episode Seven