The minefield of press freedom in Turkey

Özge Sebzeçi is a Turkish photojournalist who mainly works freelance for several international media outlets. She didn’t feel the changes in the media landscape like other Turkish journalists have. Özge does have a very clear view on how journalists deal with the current working climate in Turkey, as she has a few journalist friends who have experienced it firsthand. Here’s what she had to say. … Continue reading The minefield of press freedom in Turkey

“I don’t think we’re safe anywhere”

By Ronny Taferner Even in liberal cities like London, homophobia is still a thing. According to London police the number of reported crimes against homosexuals had doubled over the last five years. Last year, more than 13.000 reports were made, the number of unreported crimes is expected to be much higher. Our reporter Ronny talked to Londoners to ask them how they experience homophobia and … Continue reading “I don’t think we’re safe anywhere”

“Education should be the number 1 priority”

By Bart Jacobs Wednesday the 6th of November marked a nationwide teacher strike in the Netherlands. In cities all over the country teachers protested against budget cuts and showed the government that they should make education the number 1 priority. Teachers and children showed this by wearing t-shirts and holding up signs that said ‘I am not the number 1 priority’. This was inspired by … Continue reading “Education should be the number 1 priority”

Freedom in Bratislava

By Fleur Withagen Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Slovaks care about their freedom and cherish this right with their hart. But how free is Slovakia and their press, especially after the murder on Ján Kuciak? On the Freedom Festival in Bratislava on Friday 24 May, I met Tomáš Kriššák, a 32-year-old project … Continue reading Freedom in Bratislava