The Azan in Istanbul: love it or hate it

Text and audio y Christiaan Broersma –  Istanbul is the city of a thousand noises, but despite that five times a day the inhabitants will hear a sound that outclasses all the others. The Azan is a call to prayer that can be heard from each mosque in Istanbul. Because of the diversity regarding religion, not everyone enjoys the sound. I dived into the world … Continue reading The Azan in Istanbul: love it or hate it

Children’s thoughts on the night

“When I get nightmares I just start to dance in my dream. I have to dance really quickly before the skeletons catch me.” These are the words of a 4th grader at Optimist International School, Hoofddorp. The night looks different through children’s eyes. It seems like it becomes more magical, but also scarier. The children let you into their world and talk about what they really think of … Continue reading Children’s thoughts on the night

Travelling during the night

Travelling during the night is never the same as travelling during the day. At least, in a bus, where a lot of things happen. The bus, which was bringing some students back from Prague to Amsterdam after a short trip, is a good example. A driver being late, a closed fuel station, an improvised party and so much more crazy things were happened there. Even … Continue reading Travelling during the night

Long lines and early closings: Museum night 2021

This year, 54 museums opened their doors for the 21st edition of the museum night in Amsterdam. After the lockdown of last year, in which the museums weren’t allowed to open, the visitors’ expectations for this year’s museum night were even bigger. Bringing the people of Amsterdam together. This is what museum night is all about. And the people of Amsterdam were ready for a … Continue reading Long lines and early closings: Museum night 2021

Spirituality, A Podcast for Renaissance Magazine

By: Naomi ‘t Hart Spirituality. It seems to be that people either dig it or loathe it. I was always on the more loathing side of the spectrum, but, since we have gone into our second year of the pandemic, I have become more receptive to anything that will give me some mental stability. I started reading up on different forms of spiritual and alternative … Continue reading Spirituality, A Podcast for Renaissance Magazine

Angle Radio: Episode Seven

Welcome to episode seven of Angle Radio, hosted by Cheyenne van Dreumel and Sharon Verhoeks. Today’s show it’s all about closure. It’s a heavy topic worth talking about since everyone has a personal story about closing a chapter in their lives. On this episode will talk about dealing with death, moving on from a relationship or even the need for closure among other things. Continue reading Angle Radio: Episode Seven