Angle Radio: Episode Five

Welcome to episode five of Angle Radio, hosted by Shaquille Scheder-Pagin and Jaimy Witbraad . On today’s show, we explored astrology, through its various lenses. We have a special guest, Dr. Raj Balkaran, on the show who will be talking about Hindu Astrology with our reporter from Toronto, Canada, Austin Devaraj. Our reporter, Gaby van Genderen, went out on the streets of Rotterdam here in … Continue reading Angle Radio: Episode Five

“We’re the ones who have to live with it”

A podcast about climate activists By: Simon Balvaert More and more young people are climate activists. Generation Z and Millenials feel the need to fix what previous generations have done to the climate. We are the people who have to live with the consequences. Despite every individual having potential to contribute to improvement, large companies and governments are needed to carry the lion’s share of … Continue reading “We’re the ones who have to live with it”