Homes of resistance

Pictures and text by: Moa Aulanko –  A look into the gecekondus of Gülsuyu and Gülensu On the outskirts of Istanbul the neighbourhood of Gülsuyu and Gülensu overlooks the sea. Gecekondus are low, self-built houses dating from the 1950’s. “Gecekondu literally means ‘built overnight’,” says Firat Genç, professor in urbanisation and sociology at Bilgi University in Istanbul. The gecekondus can be found in the area … Continue reading Homes of resistance

Voting at the Concertgebouw: what did that look like?

By Gaby van Genderen and Melisa Salas Today, some of our reporters had the opportunity to vote at the Concertgebouw based on the Museumsquare in Amsterdam. This year, voting was a little different than other years because of all the corona restrictions. It was important to wear a mask, stay safe by keeping our 1.5 m distance and disinfect our hands. Thankfully, we have some … Continue reading Voting at the Concertgebouw: what did that look like?

Activism from the couch

Activists have a reputation for taking over streets across the world to fight for what they believe in, but corona has made it impossible to do mass demonstrations. Robin Habbé (25), has continued the fight against climate change online: “I understand if it is difficult for some people to join.” A photo-reportage by Iben Schmidt Amsterdam: Though 2019 became “the year of street protest”, coronavirus quiets … Continue reading Activism from the couch

Economic damages vs environmental benefits at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Many of us may have noticed differences in traffic noise and air pollution as well as job losses and bankruptcy in the aviation sector during the corona crisis. Although there are many environmental benefits to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol slowing down, will it countervail the upcoming wave of discharges? Continue reading “Economic damages vs environmental benefits at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol”

“11 years at the airport and I have never seen anything like this”

Impressions from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport following Europe’s travel bans and lock down implementations. Photos and text by Veronica Kontopoulou It is not business as usual at Schiphol Airport this Sunday evening. Many of the travelers, have had to battle through a multitude of flight cancellations to return to their home country. The COVID-19 outbreak is visible everywhere; in the red and white tapes restricting passengers … Continue reading “11 years at the airport and I have never seen anything like this”

Excuse me, why are you outside?

‘S-HERTOGENBOSCH – It is Friday, March 20 and COVID-19 has taken over the city in the southern part of The Netherlands. The National Government urging people to stay at home and practice as much social distance as possible. Restaurants, stores, and cinemas are closed. But what are some people still doing outside? By Iris van Mourik Tessa van Bergenhenegouwen (30), restaurant manager ‘I was just about to go … Continue reading Excuse me, why are you outside?