Impact of gentrification on Istanbul

Istanbul is an everchanging city, and its architecture is no exception. The shift from traditional to modern buildings is slowly progressing. This gentrification is making a big difference in the architectural landscapes. Besides, these renovations also include many different consequences for the tourists and locals. Zuhal Ulusoy, dean of the faculty of Architecture at Bilgi University Istanbul, has a lot of experience in the field … Continue reading Impact of gentrification on Istanbul

Facing globalisation, craftmanship is surviving

By Axel Benaben In the heart of the biggest city of Turkey, in between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia, lies a peaceful heaven, the İstanbul Sanatları Çarşısı (Istanbul Arts Bazaar). Settled in a somewhat typical 18th century Ottoman building, this place is home to people keeping the Istanbul’s crafts tradition alive. The Arts Bazaar presents 11 art branches and a café in its 12 … Continue reading Facing globalisation, craftmanship is surviving

A breath of fresh air in Istanbul

Büyükada, the largest of the Princes’ Island located in Istanbul’s metropolis, holds a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The beautiful landscapes and the absence of noise pollution gives the impression that time slows down. With the bikes and electric cars, it is the complete opposite from the city. Only 75 minutes away from the capital of Turkey, going to Büyükada is like entering a whole different … Continue reading A breath of fresh air in Istanbul

The street musician Benoit Peille plays guitar in the metro station Saint-Lazare in Paris and people are passing by.

Les Musiciens du Métro: Beating heart of Paris’ underground

25 years ago the Parisian transport company RATP created a music label. With the ‘Musiciens du métro’ they do not only entertain around 6.5 million passengers every day, but also offer ‘underground’ artists the biggest stage of Paris. To make money and to shape their future. Story by Franziska Kircher 7pm at Gare Saint-Lazare. The old wagons of the Parisian metro come to a screeching … Continue reading Les Musiciens du Métro: Beating heart of Paris’ underground


Spots, pigment, tattoos, bumps, scars, stretch marks, acne, eczema, moles, freckles. The list is endless. Our skin is unique. We are taught that we need to ‘feel comfortable in our own skin’, but the types of skin our society seems to prefer are those no one seems to have. We expect our skin to be flawless, nothing out of the ordinary. We are getting used … Continue reading (SK)INSPIRATION

Homes of resistance

Pictures and text by: Moa Aulanko –  A look into the gecekondus of Gülsuyu and Gülensu On the outskirts of Istanbul the neighbourhood of Gülsuyu and Gülensu overlooks the sea. Gecekondus are low, self-built houses dating from the 1950’s. “Gecekondu literally means ‘built overnight’,” says Firat Genç, professor in urbanisation and sociology at Bilgi University in Istanbul. The gecekondus can be found in the area … Continue reading Homes of resistance

Voting at the Concertgebouw: what did that look like?

By Gaby van Genderen and Melisa Salas Today, some of our reporters had the opportunity to vote at the Concertgebouw based on the Museumsquare in Amsterdam. This year, voting was a little different than other years because of all the corona restrictions. It was important to wear a mask, stay safe by keeping our 1.5 m distance and disinfect our hands. Thankfully, we have some … Continue reading Voting at the Concertgebouw: what did that look like?

Activism from the couch

Activists have a reputation for taking over streets across the world to fight for what they believe in, but corona has made it impossible to do mass demonstrations. Robin Habbé (25), has continued the fight against climate change online: “I understand if it is difficult for some people to join.” A photo-reportage by Iben Schmidt Amsterdam: Though 2019 became “the year of street protest”, coronavirus quiets … Continue reading Activism from the couch