Spider Mother are Putting the Punk Back in Poetry

By: Jasmine Wallis In the ultra-capitalist, ever-moving Manhattan, it sometimes feels like business rules all. But tucked away under the neon fast food signs and boutique stores in downtown New York City, the 8-Ball Community space got together on a Thursday night for their first Spider Mother reading and performance series. Our reporter Jasmine Wallis was somewhere in the eclectic crowd. Because it’s the 21st … Continue reading Spider Mother are Putting the Punk Back in Poetry

”You need to work your butt off”

By Babette Res   The American Dream used to be the goal all Americans wanted to achieve in life. But is it still reachable for all Americans under Trump? We talked with Jeff Rose, who runs a chauffeur business in New York City, and some of his employees.   Jeff Rose is the owner of the successful chauffeur company, Attitude, in New York City. ‘’The … Continue reading ”You need to work your butt off”

The real deal: real estate trends in NYC

By Joia Vieira   New York, January 11, 2019 – Known to everyone, the housing prices in New York are sky-high. Great numbers of viewings, rising prices and little time to make decisions. Buyers in the large city sometimes feel trapped when it comes to moving houses. How do you find a suitable house in a market that is overheated? George Fireman, real estate agent … Continue reading The real deal: real estate trends in NYC

Harmonia – a 4-star hotel for the homeless

By Vincent Leb and Amber Vuylsteke   Hotel Chandler on 31ststreet used to cater to upscale New York tourists. But in late 2017, it transformed into an emergency accommodation for homeless people: Harmonia Shelter. One year after operations started, some residents remain hostile about their new neighbour. However, one question remains: Was this change meant to help the poor, or the rich The warm sunlight … Continue reading Harmonia – a 4-star hotel for the homeless

Mixed feelings on anti-Semitism in New York

By Brianna Novak and Emma Wendt Last October eleven Jewish Americans were killed in a Pittsburgh synagogue. The gunman was a white rightwing nationalist. The incident has propelled a discussion on whether anti-Semitism is on the rise in America. The Jewish community in New York City has different views on the effect of this incident. Continue reading Mixed feelings on anti-Semitism in New York

Home away from Home

By: Nina Müller Over the past decades, several thousands of Russians and Ukrainians immigrated to the United States. Especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a big wave of Soviet exiles settled in and around New York. Since then, they have formed a quiet and modest community. But over the past years the everlasting conflict between Russia and Ukraine has intensified. How does this … Continue reading Home away from Home

“We call it Curvy”

By Emma Wendt Size inclusivity is growing within the fashion industry. Renowned director of the New York STATE Management curve division Susan Georget hopes that plus size fashion will become part of the norm. The fashion industry is in the midst of a global rising plus-size phenomenon. Plus size models have been represented since the 1970s. However, it has started growing fast during the last … Continue reading “We call it Curvy”