Diversity in theaters – there is still a long way to go

A news story by Katja Pelic Theater has always been a means of addressing social problems. Nevertheless, a large part of this same society is still excluded today. The theater scene in Amsterdam has often been reserved for typically Dutch middle class in the past. According to a report produced by the LA group, Leisure and Arts Consulting between 1997 and 2009 only three percent of Amsterdam’s funding budget has been … Continue reading Diversity in theaters – there is still a long way to go

“I still think the world is not seen equally.”

A Portrait by Jana Prochazka Halimat Adekunle moved from Nigeria to Amsterdam five years ago to study “Fashion and Branding” at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. The now 28-year-old had to fight to stay in the Netherlands as an immigrant and had to discover her own strength to find her footing in a new country. Halimat does not like the focus of current reporting: “When it … Continue reading “I still think the world is not seen equally.”

“I have fomo of the world”

A Portrait by Tina Priemus A win for the local soccer team or a new building for the community center couldn’t concern Denzel (23). Big, extreme and of influence to a lot of people. These are the kinds of stories that draw Denzel’s attention. The Dutch student is a newsfreak. “I shut off the notifications of my phone except for the notifications of all news … Continue reading “I have fomo of the world”

The photo shows a black and white portrait of Quinty Veenman looking over her shoulder.

“It’s way more than just a story“

A Portrait by Sarah Stallinger Quinty Veenman, a 22 year old Dutch girl, discusses her views on the negative sides of journalism, her news consumption and the lack of progression in the media. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in creative business at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Quinty decided to follow up with an honors minor in International Journalism. She felt the urge to broaden her … Continue reading “It’s way more than just a story“

“Things are more expensive every day and it makes me angry”

By Veronique Bouwers – Life is getting more expensive worldwide. Last year you paid 100 euros on your shopping basket in the Netherlands and now you pay for the same groceries 109,60 euros according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics. But if you think that groceries in the Netherlands have become more expensive: in Turkey, it’s way worse. For that same shopping basket, … Continue reading “Things are more expensive every day and it makes me angry”

The Azan in Istanbul: love it or hate it

Text and audio y Christiaan Broersma –  Istanbul is the city of a thousand noises, but despite that five times a day the inhabitants will hear a sound that outclasses all the others. The Azan is a call to prayer that can be heard from each mosque in Istanbul. Because of the diversity regarding religion, not everyone enjoys the sound. I dived into the world … Continue reading The Azan in Istanbul: love it or hate it

“In this way Turks can never really integrate”

Text and photo’s by Sophie van den berg How Turks keep staying together Between 1960 and 1973, 65,000 Turkish migrants came to the Netherlands. These were almost all guest workers who wanted to earn money for their families in Turkey. For most, their lives consisted of nothing more than work. For example, they were not given the opportunity to learn the language. Ismail Ercan (70) … Continue reading “In this way Turks can never really integrate”

Shop till you drop in the Istanbul night

Text and photo by Nina de Groot –  In Istanbul, the shopping experience is one of a kind, as most shops in the tourist areas close after midnight. In this big city in Turkey the life does not stop, and the streets of Istanbul do not sleep at night.  Walking around in the streets of Besiktas in Istanbul, it is noticeable that there are a … Continue reading Shop till you drop in the Istanbul night

Putting down the beer

Isabella Balanchi – Studies show that many poured a few extra drinks during the Covid-19 lockdowns. But now that the world is open again, a counter-movement is trending. It is called mindful drinking and invites people to explore why they drink – with the goal to cut down or quit completely. I met Laura Willoughby from Club Soda for a talk about the drinking culture … Continue reading Putting down the beer

Guided by crystals

Jesse Hattink – Crystals are pretty and mysterious – some also believe they have healing abilities. Minerals might be the next big thing in alternative medicine.  22-year-old Lobke Bremmer lives in Amersfoort and is a collector of minerals and crystals. She believes that they do have healing and supporting abilities. “I have a Lapis Lazuli crystal, for example – it guides me morally and it … Continue reading Guided by crystals