TikTok changes the face of music industry

TikTok is changing top hits lists on several streaming platforms By: Evanne Mientjes With 689 million monthly active users worldwide, TikTok is one of the biggest platforms in the world. Users create and share 15-second videos on any topic, such as dance challenges on popular songs. Thanks to its popular trends, TikTok changed how the music industry works. A few years ago, record companies thought … Continue reading TikTok changes the face of music industry

Thrifting a new self

By Melisa Salas It has been over a year since the world erupted into a state of chaos. It was scary, yet considered as a positive thing by many people. For many people, a national lockdown meant we got the time to reflect more on ourselves and grow as a person. On the 19th of March, three of my best friends and I were on … Continue reading Thrifting a new self

Liberty to Life

By: Sage Bankasingh As of October 2020, Toronto had 124 active cranes, making it the city with the most cranes in North America. As a move towards a smarter city, a common trend seen in Toronto is the complete demolition and redevelopment of these neighbourhoods – which results in little to no preservation of historical spaces.   Some neighbourhoods are starting to defy this trend, and … Continue reading Liberty to Life

From playing Sims to becoming Sims

By Cheyenne van Dreumel & Leroy Leijtens More and more we are blurring the lines between physical and digital realities. The world has been playing games like Sims for the past 21 years, could it be that we are becoming Sims ourselves? In May 2019, a dress by Dutch brand The Fabricant was sold for $9,500 during a blockchain conference. The only thing different about … Continue reading From playing Sims to becoming Sims

“Journalism is facing a challenge”

Written by Maxime Booi Paul Houwkes (69) is a newspaper journalist by heart with a passion for his job. He shares his thoughts and angle on journalism back in the days, journalism now and journalism in the future. Journalist have become multifunctional and Paul notices the rise of the online news platforms. ‘Where did you learn the skills of a journalist?’  ‘I started writing and … Continue reading “Journalism is facing a challenge”

Angle Radio: Episode Seven

Welcome to episode seven of Angle Radio, hosted by Cheyenne van Dreumel and Sharon Verhoeks. Today’s show it’s all about closure. It’s a heavy topic worth talking about since everyone has a personal story about closing a chapter in their lives. On this episode will talk about dealing with death, moving on from a relationship or even the need for closure among other things. Continue reading Angle Radio: Episode Seven


By Karenita Haalck Covid-19 has changed everyday life fundamentally. Public locations like markets, shops and museums maintain a certain normality, yet the current measurements have an impact on how society behaves. Winding back the clock to September 2019. It’s a prosperous Saturday, 11 AM and life is slowly being breathed into the Albert Cuyp market. It’s a wakening call for the senses and the mind; … Continue reading THE ALBERT CUYP MARKET AS A MIRROR OF SOCIETY

“The circumstances have changed”

A Q&A with Patrick Meershoek about his view on journalism and the way it has changed since he started his 32-year long career as a journalist By Shaquille Shaniqua Joy Patrick Meershoek (56) has been working for several newspapers in the Netherlands, including the Goudsche Courant, where he started his career, the Haagsche Courant and Het Parool, where he has been working for 20 years … Continue reading “The circumstances have changed”