The innovative old-school chef

The 59-year-old chef, Musa Daǧdeviren is a pioneer when it comes to cooking traditional Turkish cuisine. His vision on ethnical problems and cultural believes give him the power to inspire others. Musa owns three restaurants in Istanbul, made over a dozen food magazines and produced his own cookbook; The Turkish Cookbook. Text and photos by Gijs de Boer When he was a young boy, he … Continue reading The innovative old-school chef

Please, tell our story

Turkey is home to over 50.000 Uyghurs, people who originate from former East-Turkistan, now known as Xinjiang province in China. 50.000 people eager to talk about what is happening in China. But in Turkey, the media do not cover their story. Text and photos by Julia van den Muijsenberg Since 2017, millions of Uyghur people locked away in Chinese re-education camps. The Chinese government is … Continue reading Please, tell our story

Living on a small island in a big city

Niyazi Dalyanci is a 76-year-old man, who was born in a small fishing village in Beykoz. But for the past twenty years he has been living on of the island of Burgaz, which is part of the Princes’ Islands. I had a very nice conversation with him, where he told a lot about his life, along with other fascinating things. Text by Brendan Mc Dade … Continue reading Living on a small island in a big city

Art: 440 pairs of shoes, of murdered women

For the last five months, a special art installation of hundreds of shoes has been on show in the streets of Istanbul. This exhibition honours the 440 women who became a victim of femicide in 2018. We spoke with Vahit Tuna, the Istanbul based artist behind the installation. Text and photos by Natasha Jahanshahi and Thirza de Raad On a tall building in Istanbul, 440 … Continue reading Art: 440 pairs of shoes, of murdered women

Uyghur camp survivor: ‘The Chinese guards laughed, checking our naked bodies. We couldn’t even cry’

In 2017 the Chinese government started a campaign to ‘re-educate’ the Uyghur Muslim population in Xinjiang. Since then, millions of Uyghurs have been imprisoned in concentration camps, where they are being mistreated, tortured or worse. In Istanbul, The International Angle, spoke with Jelilova Gulbahar (55), on her hardships in a Chinese prison. “They asked me: ‘please, tell the world what is happening. And so, I … Continue reading Uyghur camp survivor: ‘The Chinese guards laughed, checking our naked bodies. We couldn’t even cry’

Video: ‘We don’t want to die’

Turkish women are fighting against domestic violence, as the number of femicides continues to rise. More and more women are fed up with the violence against them and their lack of protection by the state and the law. Text and photo by Natasha Jahanshahi and Thirza de Raad In December, hundreds of women went to the streets of Istanbul to protest. Carrying signs in their … Continue reading Video: ‘We don’t want to die’

Istanbul’s hairy business

Some people travel to Turkey for the sun and the Oriental culture, but others go for medical tourism. Turkey earns a lot of money from this group of travellers. In 2018 over 600.000 medical tourists went to Istanbul. One of the most popular treatments are hair transplantations. In Istanbul alone, there are more than 350 hair transplantation clinics. One of the biggest is the Dr … Continue reading Istanbul’s hairy business

The vicious circle of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery has gained popularity over the last few years. Selinah Demir (22) has undergone several cosmetic procedures in an attempt to keep up with today’s beauty standards. Text by Samen Rehman, photos by Ingrid Godager & Ramon Mebrahtu  At the age of sixteen, Selinah Demir started to dislike a particular feature of her face. “When I took selfies, I wondered what I looked like … Continue reading The vicious circle of plastic surgery

The witch is back

They were hunted for centuries, burned at the stake, and prosecuted for standing out. Now the witch is back, but not like we knew her.  Text by Natasha Jahanshahi, photos by Ramon Mebrahtu and Ingrid Godager Kim Heemskerk (28) sits at her kitchen table in Boskoop, Holland, and shuffles a deck of intricately decorated cards in her hands. She carefully draws a card and places … Continue reading The witch is back