“My sugar daddy would rather not take the risk”

Imagine your job is to date older men for money and then a disease breaks out that hurts especially older men. This happened to Mylene (23), a student in Amsterdam. By being a “sugar baby” she had secured herself a safe and adventurous life. How did Corona change her life? Full-quote interview by Dauphine Vernimmen Illustration by Maartje Veneman “Right now, I’m not able to … Continue reading “My sugar daddy would rather not take the risk”


Glitter, heels, long nails, wild dancing, crop tops, colourful outfits, 80s music; these are a few of Pedro Lorenzo Menéndez’s (21) favourite things. One would rarely find Pedro sat at home and not out with friends or dancing. But then, the corona lockdown came, and Pedro found himself stuck indoors with his parents; one of which did not know an important part of Pedro’s identity. … Continue reading BREAKING FREE DURING LOCKDOWN


Back to the roots: Influencers adapt to Corona

Lockdowns and failing businesses force influencers to rethink their image as their incomes decline, and their exposure skyrockets. By Pauline Coulet Influencers all over the world are struggling to deal with lockdowns and the following economic crises induced due to the coronavirus. Ambre Carrier, a French influencer, describes how she adjusted on Instagram through DIY and sport. According to a market study by eMarketer, about … Continue reading Back to the roots: Influencers adapt to Corona

“The classical phone call is the safest”

Most of our meetings have turned into video calls – even doctor’s appointments. But how safe is that? Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius (47), professor of law at the Radbound University Nijmegen, explains how powerful data can be. By Annemarie Andre (c) Dirk Gillissen A lot of physicians or psychologists started offering online services after the outbreak of COVID-19. What would you advise patients, who want to … Continue reading “The classical phone call is the safest”

“Teachers can’t be left behind”

Karin Smak (55) is a primary school teacher in Den Helder, Netherlands. Mari Cruz Cascudo (55) teaches at the Kueto public elementary school in Spain. Recently, due to the coronavirus, both women had to switch to online classes from March until May. A challenge for all, teachers and students, whether in The Netherlands or in Spain. Interviews by Asier Herrero and Marije de Boer How do you feel … Continue reading “Teachers can’t be left behind”

“We Brits will sacrifice a lot for a little sunshine”

By Michelle Tuyp  As lockdown restrictions in the Netherlands are starting to ease, the restrictions in the UK still strictly remain. The 25-year old Tom McCann lives in Birmingham and is experiencing a difficult time during the lockdown. He is not able to operate as an arts and youth worker anymore and he is not allowed to see his friends and family. “We were so … Continue reading “We Brits will sacrifice a lot for a little sunshine”

“I’m slowly getting my strength back”

Cancer recurrence during a pandemic By Laszlo Lieffering   Valesqua de Waal (22) heard that her cancer, Non-Hodgkin, had just come back before the pandemic started. Her life suddenly completely changed, especially with the arrival of the coronavirus in the Netherlands. Valesqua was obliged to rewind. When the pandemic started, our society froze. Valesqua’s life was already on hold because she heard her Non-Hodgkin came … Continue reading “I’m slowly getting my strength back”

“Will people still dare to come after this?”

Corona’s impact on local businesses is different from what you think  Text & photo’s by Amy Steur The Dutch idyllic fishing village Volendam would normally be overrun with tourists, but closed borders are keeping them away. This is a problem for entrepreneurs. Fish Shop De Haven (The Harbour) is allowed to remain open in times of corona, but Photography Studio Experience Volendam, a place where … Continue reading “Will people still dare to come after this?”

“I don´t wish what I have lived through to anyone”

Camilo Cascudo (91) was 8 years old when in 1937 the warplanes of the Nazi Condor Legion destroyed Gernika. The memory of that day is recorded in his retina because the bombing changed his and his family´s life. He talks about how he survived during the Spanish Civil War and how this influenced his future. Text by Asier Herrero “I remember the bombing day as … Continue reading “I don´t wish what I have lived through to anyone”

“I guess you just remember bad things really well”

Jeanette Boomsma (83) was only 3 years old when The World War II began in the Netherlands, but she remembers everything very clearly. She talks about how she remembers what happened during the war while she was living in Amsterdam with her family, and how she survived. Full-quote Interview by Malijn Pieterse “I don’t talk about the war that often; I think I’ve only talked … Continue reading “I guess you just remember bad things really well”