The ultimate love for food in Turkish culture

Wandering through the beauty of the city of Istanbul, you will find yourself in a lovely space filled with food on every corner. Where does the love for food in Turkish Culture come from, and why is the Turkish cuisine so important? Annelotte spoke with Bülent Çolak from a restaurant in Beşiktaş and also spoke with Efe Kaan Ulu, a faculty member PhD at the … Continue reading The ultimate love for food in Turkish culture

Beauty Past Forty

Women from three different cultures give candid insights into how they feel about ageing and their perception of beauty as they get older. Story by Chloe McDermott Antoinette Roovers (53) Dutch/Turkish Social work How comfortable do you feel about leaving the house without make-up? Quite comfortable. When I go to work or something where I have to make an appearance then I really would like … Continue reading Beauty Past Forty

Paris and Scotland: An old tie that does not die

The bond between Scotland and France has been recognised since the Middle Ages and formed in the bloody battlefields of both countries fighting a common enemy: the English. Nowadays this relationship is forged in shared interests and political alignment. by Chloe McDermott Since Brexit and the renewed effort by the Scottish government to reinstate a relationship with Europe the ties to France have never been … Continue reading Paris and Scotland: An old tie that does not die

The Bouquinistes of Paris

Besides being the city of love, Paris is also the home of literature lovers. With more than 700 bookshops spread throughout the city centre, a row of 900 green wooden stalls and 230 booksellers stretching across three kilometres along the Seine, Parisian booksellers proudly show their love for the art of writing through books. But in the age of the smartphone, this book culture is … Continue reading The Bouquinistes of Paris

Dream of Dance: Moving to Paris to pursue ballet

Although originally from the Canary Islands, Daniel Palmes (20) lives in the French capital, Paris, a city he moved to in order to study at the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris. After being a student there for five years, Daniel graduated with a Higher professional Diploma for Dancers and has performed in numerous shows, such as Le Corsaire. During a sit-down interview … Continue reading Dream of Dance: Moving to Paris to pursue ballet

Saartje Langstraat

“It’s all about confidence”

True beauty comes from within. That’s not exactly what you would associate with beauty contests, where it seems to be all about appearances. But to win, you don’t just have to look perfect. Saartje Langstraat (21), the Miss Beauty Netherlands from 2021 gives insight into the world of pageants and how participating has changed her perspective on beauty. Story by Jana Prochazka How do you … Continue reading “It’s all about confidence”

The Azan in Istanbul: love it or hate it

Text and audio y Christiaan Broersma –  Istanbul is the city of a thousand noises, but despite that five times a day the inhabitants will hear a sound that outclasses all the others. The Azan is a call to prayer that can be heard from each mosque in Istanbul. Because of the diversity regarding religion, not everyone enjoys the sound. I dived into the world … Continue reading The Azan in Istanbul: love it or hate it

Putting down the beer

Isabella Balanchi – Studies show that many poured a few extra drinks during the Covid-19 lockdowns. But now that the world is open again, a counter-movement is trending. It is called mindful drinking and invites people to explore why they drink – with the goal to cut down or quit completely. I met Laura Willoughby from Club Soda for a talk about the drinking culture … Continue reading Putting down the beer

“I don’t remember anything nice about that time”

Karel Budde was born March 1935 in Amsterdam. He lived through the Second World War from when he was 5 until he was 10 years old. The memories of the war still trouble him to this day. “In 1940 I went to the first class at the Montessori school. Classes consisted of about 40 to 50 children, of which half were Jewish. Anne Frank used … Continue reading “I don’t remember anything nice about that time”