From Taboo to Trend: The Normalization of Trauma and Its Downsides

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the term “trauma” has been an important topic of discussion among young people seeking a sense of belonging to a group. This trend manifests itself on social networks, where many influencers share their traumatic experiences and so-called “experts” offer advice on mental health. What was originally a taboo subject treated only by a certain elite – that of various psychiatrists, psychologists, … Continue reading From Taboo to Trend: The Normalization of Trauma and Its Downsides

Why do Japanese tourists become sick when visiting Paris?

Japanese tourists becoming sick after visiting Paris. Sounds bizarre but it’s a real phenomenon. There is a special hospital for Japanese who feel homesick and depressed, sometimes because of the rude French behaviour.   Story by Nicky Mai Paris is known for its culture, cuisines and literature. It’s one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations and many people see Paris as a glamorous and trendy … Continue reading Why do Japanese tourists become sick when visiting Paris?

Putting down the beer

Isabella Balanchi – Studies show that many poured a few extra drinks during the Covid-19 lockdowns. But now that the world is open again, a counter-movement is trending. It is called mindful drinking and invites people to explore why they drink – with the goal to cut down or quit completely. I met Laura Willoughby from Club Soda for a talk about the drinking culture … Continue reading Putting down the beer

Guided by crystals

Jesse Hattink – Crystals are pretty and mysterious – some also believe they have healing abilities. Minerals might be the next big thing in alternative medicine.  22-year-old Lobke Bremmer lives in Amersfoort and is a collector of minerals and crystals. She believes that they do have healing and supporting abilities. “I have a Lapis Lazuli crystal, for example – it guides me morally and it … Continue reading Guided by crystals

Fleeing – with a mental illness

Anna Monastyrova – Fleeing your country because of war is a traumatic experience. Imagine doing that with a mental illness – you could assume that’s even harder. That’s the case for Marianna, a young refugee from Ukraine struggling with bipolar disorder. Back in Ukraine, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but her diagnosis is still not final. She needs cognitive-behavioural therapy and help with choosing … Continue reading Fleeing – with a mental illness