Motherless Birth

By Leroy Leijtens There is little to no chance you remember anything of the time being inside your mother’s womb. But what if there is no mother to be remembered in the future?  Being born out of an artificial womb might sound like a far fetched Matrix-like phenomenon. However, the first successful experiments were already conducted with lambs by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in … Continue reading Motherless Birth

The New Conservatives

Naomi ‘t Hart Young, highly educated and conservative. European research shows that while this may have been a unique combination in the past, conservatism is growing amongst people born from 1990 onwards. Yesterdays election’s results partly underscore this movement. The question is: why? Millennials and Gen Z have often grown up with more welfare and education than the generations before them. The internet and globalisation … Continue reading The New Conservatives

Modern Life, Modern Challenges – Part 1

Written by Talia Farghaly Image by Talia Farghaly  The Six Pillars Of Modern Life  Even though today’s society is the most developed to date (healthcare is most advanced, we can connect with people around the world and learn anything and everything online) humans are not the happiest they have ever been. Modern life brings modern challenges into our lives. The next two articles will first … Continue reading Modern Life, Modern Challenges – Part 1

Life after sport: ‘I felt like I was losing a part of myself’

When an athlete’s career ends, the transition to normal life can be shocking. The athlete may suffer from changes in their personal, social and occupational life. Ex-athletes Aggelos Kotsis (22) and Beatriz García (24) went through this themselves. Text and photos by Iraide Ibarrondo Aggelos Kotsis was a football player for almost 13 years, and used to play professionally for Sparta F.C in Greece’s second … Continue reading Life after sport: ‘I felt like I was losing a part of myself’

“I have never seen so much involvement, everyone was talking about Brexit”

By Mathilde de Gooijer Like many Scots, Jay Paterson (36) voted ‘remain’ in the Brexit referendum. He was born and raised in Glasgow, but he now works as an information security engineer in Prague. When asked about propaganda in the Brexit campaign, he sighs: “it was all around, but to be honest, both sides were equally guilty.” In 2016, voters in the United Kingdom were … Continue reading “I have never seen so much involvement, everyone was talking about Brexit”

“Short videos will overrule traditional newspaper articles”

By Joia Vieira Ruben Andriesse is a 23-year-old student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Born and raised in Haarlem, he moved to Amsterdam 1.5 years ago for his studies and is now living your average student life. On a daily basis, he enjoys spending time with friends but especially with his girlfriend. ‘’My girlfriend is one of my biggest hobbies’’ Ruben says cheerfully. Ruben studies … Continue reading “Short videos will overrule traditional newspaper articles”

Sunshine and Startups: Barcelona’s Rise as an International Startup Hub

By Megan Whitfield   Long regarded for its innovation in architecture and creative spirit, Barcelona has now cemented this reputation into business as well. Although the broader economy feels the impact of the recent political unrest, the Catalonian capital is rising up the ranks to become one of the top startup hubs in Europe. Well and truly established as an important international competitor, this bustly … Continue reading Sunshine and Startups: Barcelona’s Rise as an International Startup Hub

Sex, drugs and scientology

By: Sam van Royen SCIENTOLOGY CHURCH – 10:30 AM – AMSTERDAM ‘Hi, I’m here to meet Robert Kruijt.’ The lady at the reception looked up from her paper and looked at me curiously. ‘Does he know you’re coming?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Okay, I’ll give him a call. Please write your details here.’ I filled in the logbook and saw two other names – it wasn’t very busy. … Continue reading Sex, drugs and scientology

Future: Life After Sport

By Liora Israelsohn Breaking records, beating personal bests, always chasing something just out of reach. This is the life of an athlete; focused and goal-oriented. But what happens after the ultimate goal is achieved? After the Olympics, World Cup, or international championship? How do athletes make the transition into a new life after sport? What steps can they take to ensure a successful future? The … Continue reading Future: Life After Sport