The Istanbul Canal: a major environmental challenge

By Albane Rousseau In the bustling city of Istanbul, a daring project is underway. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the driving force behind what he calls his “Crazy Canal Project”, a grandiose undertaking designed to relieve traffic on the Bosporus. Nevertheless, for Cemal Saydam, a retired oceanographer, “the proposed channel will not only affect Turkey but will cause an international environmental disaster that will affect … Continue reading The Istanbul Canal: a major environmental challenge

“It is not a question if it will happen, but when it will happen”

Text and photo by Jesse Hattink –  Earthquakes happen all around the world and can cause a lot of damage.  There is a 70 % probability that an earthquake will hit Istanbul in the next 20 years . How does the municipality prepare for this, and is it even possible to prepare?  Kandilli observatory in Istanbul monitors earthquakes all over Turkey. to do this they … Continue reading “It is not a question if it will happen, but when it will happen”

Increased crimes in cyberspace: an army of robots

Siri Malmborg –  We are living with more and more devices: laptops, smartphones, smartwatches and smart homes are ruling our day-to-day lives. While all these little helpers are nice and useful, they are also potential targets for cyberattacks. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) published a new study today, with following findings: while traditional crime like violence, burglary, vandalism and theft has decreased by 43 percent over the … Continue reading Increased crimes in cyberspace: an army of robots

Crypto Punk

By Sharon Verhoeks Cryptocurrency is gaining its popularity fast. The digital asset is a new form of payment and threatens the current monetary system. Around 4000 alternative currencies already emerged based on their decentralised ancestor, keeping the punk soul alive. Are we on the eve of a monetary revolution?   The current monetary system, which is based on the fiduciary idea that we are able … Continue reading Crypto Punk

Big Tech politics

By: Jurgen Vlaar We are entering a new era of the digital age and too many governments are not equipped yet. Government institutions with too much bureaucracy make the transition too slow-moving for them to keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape. That is why they should reshape their way of working towards something called ‘Smart Governance’. Smart governance is a way for governments … Continue reading Big Tech politics

A New Narrative

By Shaquille Joy  Now more than ever, the way we engage and share stories starts to change. The wish for virtual and digital spaces becomes bigger, especially for communities that need safe spaces to share their experiences or just come together.  For some people, the most exciting stories revolve around something they can see themselves in. Others prefer a storyline that, in unrealistic ways, completely … Continue reading A New Narrative

Meals of Tomorrow

By Lola Bessa The way we perceive, and experience food is of great importance. We need food to survive and therefore eat approximately two kilos of food a day. There are more foods than ever before and that’s why the future of the food system is more thrilling than ever.  What do you think of when you think about your favourite food? Is it healthy? … Continue reading Meals of Tomorrow

Motherless Birth

By Leroy Leijtens There is little to no chance you remember anything of the time being inside your mother’s womb. But what if there is no mother to be remembered in the future?  Being born out of an artificial womb might sound like a far fetched Matrix-like phenomenon. However, the first successful experiments were already conducted with lambs by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in … Continue reading Motherless Birth