Longing for a Büyükada without horse cruelty

For years, horse and carriage was the only means of transport on the Istanbul Princess Islands. Many horses were overworked, for tourism. But recently animal activists have started protesting this mistreatment. Nowadays, horse power has largely turned into electrical power on the island. Text and photos by Brendan McDade On the south side of Istanbul lays the island of Büyükada, the biggest of the nine … Continue reading Longing for a Büyükada without horse cruelty

Kanal Istanbul, much more than just a canal

Launched as a way to relieve the busy Bosporus, the prestigious Kanal Istanbul is planned to be one of the largest infrastructure projects in the world. The 44 km canal, for which preparations started in late 2019, is expected to cost 15 billion dollars. But is it really necessary? According to Emrah Altinok, assistant professor in the Department of Architecture at Bilgi University, the real … Continue reading Kanal Istanbul, much more than just a canal

‘By helping others, I help myself’

Alparslan Celayir (26) was seeking a more meaningful life: now he’s a volunteer in Deliler Coffeehouse in Istanbul, which helps the homeless.  Text by Ingrid Godager and Thea Agnethe Eriksen, photos by Ingrid Godager Alparslan Celayir (26) is one of the volunteers working at Deliler Coffeehouse in the old centre of Istanbul. Since 2016 the non-profit café is run by volunteers and gives out food, clothes and other … Continue reading ‘By helping others, I help myself’

Sex on demand

Lyle Muns (25) is a political science student and sexworker. When he is working, he has to change his mindset to have sex with guys he normally would never have sex with. Text by Ronny Taferner, Illustration by Jonas Armbruster It’s Wednesday, 19.23 and suddenly Lyle Muns’ phone rings – an unknown number. It’s a man who wants sex. A couple of minutes later, Lyle jumps … Continue reading Sex on demand

Very nice to meet you (again)

The human brain consists of millions of roads leading to countless memories and landmarks, which are stored in an orderly manner throughout your life. But what if your brain turns into a grey mash where it becomes more and more difficult to find one’s way? Text and photos by Mila Emmer Cees van der Maat (97) walks through the long, crème-coloured corridor with his walker. … Continue reading Very nice to meet you (again)

Life changing events: from classroom to chemo

Ilya Klaassen was 18 when she found out she had Hodgkin disease: A form of cancer only young people around the age of 18 to 20 are diagnosed with. For Ilya this meant going from attending lectures to undergoing surgery and chemotherapy. Text by Lisanne van ‘t Riet, photos by Ramon Mebrahtu Ilya was starting her first year in Korean studies at the University of … Continue reading Life changing events: from classroom to chemo

Life after sport: ‘I felt like I was losing a part of myself’

When an athlete’s career ends, the transition to normal life can be shocking. The athlete may suffer from changes in their personal, social and occupational life. Ex-athletes Aggelos Kotsis (22) and Beatriz García (24) went through this themselves. Text and photos by Iraide Ibarrondo Aggelos Kotsis was a football player for almost 13 years, and used to play professionally for Sparta F.C in Greece’s second … Continue reading Life after sport: ‘I felt like I was losing a part of myself’

Bye-bye, Europe…

When Brexit was officially confirmed in 2016, especially the young generation became worried about their future. The British student Cicely Hedges-Robinson (21) is currently studying in Amsterdam and considering to follow a masters degree there as well. However, Brexit could thwart her plan.  Text and photos by Julia Pulm Cicely grew up in the south of England. Moving from the countryside to Birmingham, she finally … Continue reading Bye-bye, Europe…

Breathe yourself into change 

Everyone breathes, but how we breathe can make a big difference on who we are and how we live our lives. Can therapeutic breathing help solve my problems?  Text by Sandra Deira Photo’s by Ingrid Godager & Ramon Mebrahtu Breathing techniques have been around for thousands of years with roots in eastern cultures. People have been able to enter altered states of consciousness and experience … Continue reading Breathe yourself into change