Wonder oil

by Babette Res   Cannabis is commonly used for recreational purposes, but many use it as a medicine to lessen pain. Still the taboo remains. Cannabidiol, most commonly referred to as ‘CBD oil’, is a chemical compound found in cannabis or marijuana plants. Next to CBD, you find Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as TCH, in the marijuana plant. While CBD gives you a feeling of relaxation, … Continue reading Wonder oil

Hammer time

by Salvador Nito Wong   Ever felt so angry that you could bust a window? At CarSmash Amsterdam, you pay to release your rage. The dark clouds above announce the upcoming rainfall. There is an electric charge in the air. Down in a scrapyard, located in Vijfhuizen, another storm is forming. However, instead of rain and wind, it is made up of glass shards and … Continue reading Hammer time

Let’s talk about sin, baby

by Vincent Leb   Catholic priest Wim Veth debates why the influence of the church has diminished. The conversation soon involves priests on Twitter, modern-day sins and what Veth himself would have to admit in the confessional.   Wim Veth (54) serves as a priest at Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk on Keizersgracht and is also occupied as a student chaplain for the roman-catholic student pastoral care … Continue reading Let’s talk about sin, baby

The rise of racism

By Robin R. Chün   Racism and intolerance have increased in the United Kingdom after the Brexit referendum, a report by the UN shows. The Netherlands is experiencing a similar development. Have racism and open intolerance become more accepted in the political debate? ‘Nowadays it’s much easier to make racist and intolerant statements, and it happens more openly’, says Arjan Trommel, researcher and lecturer of public … Continue reading The rise of racism

I was a sugar baby for a week

by Tatiana Costa Lopes   You may have heard of the word ‘sugar baby’, but do you know what it really means? Tatiana knows all about it. sugar daddy (noun): typically an older wealthy man that financially compensates young attractive girls in exchange for their attention, physical affection, time and energy (and sometimes sex). Everyone on Twitter sounds obsessed with the idea of having a … Continue reading I was a sugar baby for a week

Bringing the rainbow to the field

By Sebastian Aceves   45 athletes openly declared themselves as members of the LGBT community in the last Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Nevertheless, inclusion and acceptance of queer players remains a challenging issue in the sports industry. British football player Justin Fashanu became one of the world’s first openly gay athletes in 1990 – and one of the most brutally … Continue reading Bringing the rainbow to the field

Guilt-free Gluttony: solution or illusion?

By Mathilde de Gooijer   Fitness influencers tell us on their blogs that refined sugar is pure evil and gluten and animal products are to be blamed for any physical or mental inconvenience. They share creative recipes for baked goods and desserts without sugar, fat or dairy, claiming these alternatives taste just as good as the real thing. That way you can sin and don’t … Continue reading Guilt-free Gluttony: solution or illusion?

Living in a Bachelor’s Paradise

By Sebastian Aceves Young men like John and Nick spend their last night as bachelors in Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District. Shortly before getting married and promising loyalty to their fiancées, they get drunk, visit peep shows and sleep with prostitutes. Their sinful behaviour is completely accepted – for the last time. It’s a busy Saturday night in the Red Light District. Masses of tourists … Continue reading Living in a Bachelor’s Paradise