Molenbeek on the right path

Molenbeek is an area of Brussels which is discussed a lot. In more recent news, Molenbeek has been called a hell hole by former American president Donald Trump. Why, you might ask? After the 2015 attacks in Paris and the 2016 attacks in Brussels, Molenbeek turned out to be a breeding ground for extremists, ISIS terrorists. This bad reputation still lingers around Molenbeek, but a … Continue reading Molenbeek on the right path

Relationship between Poland and the European Union reaches boiling point

For months, tensions have been rising between Poland and the European Union. Yet with no end in sight for the fractured relationship, the question of where the relationship goes from here is not the only topic put to the test, but the future of the European Union itself.                         At the beginning of the year, Poland introduced some of the toughest abortion laws … Continue reading Relationship between Poland and the European Union reaches boiling point

No more crowds, no more waiting

It’s Wednesday afternoon at the NEMO Museum. As you enter the first floor of the exhibitions you can already see a lot of people walking around. Many experiments and test objects are set up here. In the entire museum, you can spot children aged between five and twelve, running from experiment to experiment. The longer they use the test objects, the wider the children’s eyes get. … Continue reading No more crowds, no more waiting

James Bond saves the world, but can he rescue European movie theatres?

The new bond film “No time to die” is the hope in times of need for cinemas. But it also symbolises the competition with streaming services. Sam Bates’ path to cinema hall 11 leads up three escalators. Relaxed, he lowers himself into his red cinema seat, an M&M packet in one hand, his Fanta in the other. He casually rests his right foot on his … Continue reading James Bond saves the world, but can he rescue European movie theatres?

Crypto Punk

By Sharon Verhoeks Cryptocurrency is gaining its popularity fast. The digital asset is a new form of payment and threatens the current monetary system. Around 4000 alternative currencies already emerged based on their decentralised ancestor, keeping the punk soul alive. Are we on the eve of a monetary revolution?   The current monetary system, which is based on the fiduciary idea that we are able … Continue reading Crypto Punk

Yoga’s Roots, Erased

A Hindu practice, appropriated into a white woman’s exercise Article By: Austin Devaraj Illustration By: Sage Christopher-Bankasingh The Yogic Practice rooted in Hinduism is appropriated in the West through the erasure of its Indic roots. This piece draws reflection of the historical context of when colonial powers banned the practice during their rule and Hinduphobia today. Luvena Rangel wakes up in her flat in Bangalore, … Continue reading Yoga’s Roots, Erased

Big Tech politics

By: Jurgen Vlaar We are entering a new era of the digital age and too many governments are not equipped yet. Government institutions with too much bureaucracy make the transition too slow-moving for them to keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape. That is why they should reshape their way of working towards something called ‘Smart Governance’. Smart governance is a way for governments … Continue reading Big Tech politics

TikTok changes the face of music industry

TikTok is changing top hits lists on several streaming platforms By: Evanne Mientjes With 689 million monthly active users worldwide, TikTok is one of the biggest platforms in the world. Users create and share 15-second videos on any topic, such as dance challenges on popular songs. Thanks to its popular trends, TikTok changed how the music industry works. A few years ago, record companies thought … Continue reading TikTok changes the face of music industry