“I want to do something useful with my time”

By Maartje Veneman Even though the quarantine has forced many of us to slow down, others try to use this free time as efficiently as possible. That’s why a lot of people are using their extra time in quarantine to work in their backyard. They roll up their sleeves, pick up their shovel and gloves, and get to work.  Karina Van der Weide (51) and … Continue reading “I want to do something useful with my time”

Crystal clear canals

By Jelle Voort How the slowing down of the tourism industry has affected the water quality in Amsterdam’s oldest waterways “When I read about the water of canals in Venice clarifying on Twitter, I wondered what the quality in Amsterdam would be like,” says Maarten Ouboter, a hydrologist at Waternet in Amsterdam. “So, we started doing some transparency measurements. In some extreme cases the water … Continue reading Crystal clear canals

Adjusting the radio waves

By Asier Herrero The coronavirus has forced radio hosts, collaborators and guests to be evicted from the radio studio to keep the safety distance. Radio stations have been reinventing themselves to look for new ways to return. But how does this work in reality?   Xabier Gonzalez is sitting in his desk chair in the middle of the small newsroom of radio studio Bizkaia Irratia. … Continue reading Adjusting the radio waves

Live-streamed services and lonely Iftars

by Fleur Stigters  Coming together is an essential element in every religion. Christians gather during Sunday service, while Muslims pray Jumah together on Fridays. With stay-at-home orders and social distancing in the age of the Coronavirus, coming together is out of the question. How are religions being practised during these uncertain times?    Instead of going into “hibernation”, many religious communities have expanded their role … Continue reading Live-streamed services and lonely Iftars

The people who welcome the slowed-down society

Text by Lena Knaus Illustration by Maartje Veneman Minimalists and the consuming society have different lifestyles and priorities. When life and society slow down due to a global pandemic, it’s the minimalist who welcome this as a break for the busy world around them. Gero Gröschel, a minimalist from Stuttgart in Germany, noticed a change in his work as a photographer since the corona pandemic … Continue reading The people who welcome the slowed-down society


Glitter, heels, long nails, wild dancing, crop tops, colourful outfits, 80s music; these are a few of Pedro Lorenzo Menéndez’s (21) favourite things. One would rarely find Pedro sat at home and not out with friends or dancing. But then, the corona lockdown came, and Pedro found himself stuck indoors with his parents; one of which did not know an important part of Pedro’s identity. … Continue reading BREAKING FREE DURING LOCKDOWN

The return of hand-written letters

Isolated elderly probably suffer the most from the corona measures. In Germany, a project called “pen and paper” brings positive messages from the outside. Surprisingly, mainly young people grab their pens.  Photos and Text by Lea Dillmann Illustration by Maartje Veneman Christina’s concentration fades away. She is in the middle of an online lecture but is mostly thinking of her penpal. His name is Josef. … Continue reading The return of hand-written letters

“I’m glad we don’t live stream our services”

Text and pictures by Ruben den Boer The prohibition of religious gatherings above 30 persons has forced churches across Europe into digital overdrive. Evangelical church De Brug in Nieuwkoop, a rural town in the Netherlands, records their services to broadcast for the congregation. But with the camera’s rolling, self-consciousness takes over.      “Remind me to put on my shoes when we start recording”, says … Continue reading “I’m glad we don’t live stream our services”