Thrifting a new self

By Melisa Salas It has been over a year since the world erupted into a state of chaos. It was scary, yet considered as a positive thing by many people. For many people, a national lockdown meant we got the time to reflect more on ourselves and grow as a person. On the 19th of March, three of my best friends and I were on … Continue reading Thrifting a new self

Sex is our right

Sex and sexuality are a part of life because it can offer many benefits to all facets. Singles are now -metaphorically – fucked. Keeping 1,5-meter distance and not meeting people is the new ‘normal’, which means singles can’t have sex. What are the consequences of this?  By Laszlo Lieffering Since March 13, 2020, the Netherlands has been in an intelligent lockdown, which means everyone has … Continue reading Sex is our right

10 days of Mindfulness: my search for inner peace

By Anette Svendsen In our hectic everyday life, I think the fewest of us actually take the time to just breathe. Rewind. Just exist. With the constant pressure to be the best, we tend to forget how to take proper care of ourselves. To find some peace. Where do we even start? I spoke to the founder of “Mindful Living” Viggo Johansen, and yoga instructor … Continue reading 10 days of Mindfulness: my search for inner peace

Turning your living room into a home gym

By Sarissa Valk There is just a handful of lucky people who own a fully equipped home gym. For the majority of people who don’t own one, getting in some exercise during the current lockdown can be challenging. However, there are many ways for you to stay active at home. Working out and exercising on a regular basis has some serious health benefits. Next to … Continue reading Turning your living room into a home gym