Corona on Campus

The student campus Uilenstede is, with its 3,400 residents, the largest student campus in Northern Europe. Living here means experiencing the ‘real student life’, including thirteen housemates, a dirty kitchen, and numerous parties. According to Dutch media, nothing has changed since the coronavirus. However, students and the Uilenstede residents’ association VBU claim otherwise. “The reporting is often one-sided and it sketches a wrong image.” Uilenstede … Continue reading Corona on Campus

“Corona strikes at Amersfoort high school”

The Amersfoort high school hasn’t even been open for two full weeks or the first cases of the virus are present. On the weekend of 13 September the school found out that multiple teachers have been infected with the corona virus. Over a span of two days, two teachers have been tested positive and three more are waiting at home until they can get tested. … Continue reading “Corona strikes at Amersfoort high school”

Starting a radio show during a pandemic

Video by Lea Dillmann That’s not how they imagined it: The media students Christopher Müller and Noah Weber want to start their own radio show. Then a pandemic breaks out. How do they manage to broadcast live from the studio despite the corona measures? Find out now! Weber & Müller every Tuesday from 10 to 11 am on You are in Stuttgart? Stream the … Continue reading Starting a radio show during a pandemic

Life in Times of Corona – Episode 21

In this last episode of our Corona-Podcast Veronica, Tijn, Emma and Viktor talk about countries opening their borders again in Europe, and the Black Lives Matter movement and what we can do against racism. Also: Our magazine is done! We take a look back at the ups and downs of our journey through this project. Big thanks to all our listeners who joined and supported … Continue reading Life in Times of Corona – Episode 21

Rage against the most persistent of pandemics

Just when the corona crisis slowed down, we were brutally reminded of the other ‘pandemic’ that has raged across the world for over 400 years. Indeed COVID-19 does not see race, status or sexual orientation. However, the pandemic has demonstrated the fatality of inequality. The overwhelmingly black deaths of New York serve as irrefutable evidence that systematic racism is so deeply embedded in our societies, that it didn’t even slip from a colourblind virus.  Continue reading Rage against the most persistent of pandemics

Activism from the couch

Activists have a reputation for taking over streets across the world to fight for what they believe in, but corona has made it impossible to do mass demonstrations. Robin Habbé (25), has continued the fight against climate change online: “I understand if it is difficult for some people to join.” A photo-reportage by Iben Schmidt Amsterdam: Though 2019 became “the year of street protest”, coronavirus quiets … Continue reading Activism from the couch


Glitter, heels, long nails, wild dancing, crop tops, colourful outfits, 80s music; these are a few of Pedro Lorenzo Menéndez’s (21) favourite things. One would rarely find Pedro sat at home and not out with friends or dancing. But then, the corona lockdown came, and Pedro found himself stuck indoors with his parents; one of which did not know an important part of Pedro’s identity. … Continue reading BREAKING FREE DURING LOCKDOWN

Friendships in the time of Corona

by Dauphine Vernimmen Silence. Empty streets, empty cities and closed restaurants. The noise moved to our computers. Everything is going online: work, friendships and meetings. All of us soon adapted to interacting with friends and loved ones solely through screens. Speaking to friends through WhatsApp and having daily Zoom meetings is useful to stay in touch but it is not the same as it used … Continue reading Friendships in the time of Corona

Life in Times of Corona – Episode 20

Only three weeks left and our semester will come to an end. It’s time to look back on the last couple of weeks and to talk about our summer plans. In this episode, Amy, Maartje, Anouk, Pauline and Lea will give you an insight into the magazine project, which the International Angle has been working on lately. Furthermore, they share their most loved hobby during … Continue reading Life in Times of Corona – Episode 20

Life in Times of Corona – Episode 19

In today’s episode of Life In Times Of Corona, Marije, Dauphine, Iben and Jelle will be discussing the stories they’ve made for the upcoming magazine Rewind. Obviously, the world has come to a standstill now that a pandemic is raging around the globe and this has had a serious effect on all kinds of fields of our lives. After going into our stories we’ll also … Continue reading Life in Times of Corona – Episode 19