By Karenita Haalck Covid-19 has changed everyday life fundamentally. Public locations like markets, shops and museums maintain a certain normality, yet the current measurements have an impact on how society behaves. Winding back the clock to September 2019. It’s a prosperous Saturday, 11 AM and life is slowly being breathed into the Albert Cuyp market. It’s a wakening call for the senses and the mind; … Continue reading THE ALBERT CUYP MARKET AS A MIRROR OF SOCIETY

Angle Radio: Episode Five

Welcome to episode five of Angle Radio, hosted by Shaquille Scheder-Pagin and Jaimy Witbraad . On today’s show, we explored astrology, through its various lenses. We have a special guest, Dr. Raj Balkaran, on the show who will be talking about Hindu Astrology with our reporter from Toronto, Canada, Austin Devaraj. Our reporter, Gaby van Genderen, went out on the streets of Rotterdam here in … Continue reading Angle Radio: Episode Five

Gen X vs Gen Z: Life in your 20’s

Text and images by Patricia Budusan What does life at 20 look like? Pretty different in the digital age compared to the analogue world. But what about our mindset in our 20’s? How much did a generation change in roughly 30 years? Here are the lives of two different generations during their twenties. Here are the answers of three Gen Z-ers and their parents from Gen … Continue reading Gen X vs Gen Z: Life in your 20’s

Staff war at Lufthansa – Airline enters more turbulence

Flight attendant Anna Schuchert (23) talks about the impact of Corona, resulting in employee fights splitting the staff and the new normal due to the Covid-19 measures. The airline, founded in 1953, faced a serious existential crisis due to the lockdown of the world beginning March 2020 resulting in the cancellation of more then 23.000 flights in April alone, with many employees loosing their jobs. … Continue reading Staff war at Lufthansa – Airline enters more turbulence

Increased alcohol consumption during pandemic

According to a study conducted by Global Drug Survey published this September 36% of people in the Netherlands saw an increase in the amount of alcohol consumption now compared to before COVID-19. 43% of them admitted to drinking increasingly frequent. Additionally, 30% of the questioned people started to drink earlier in the day. Reasons for this change of behaviour seems to stem from “having more … Continue reading Increased alcohol consumption during pandemic

Lockdown: Distance therapy can have benefits

  During the Covid-19 lockdown, the treatment of physical health was a priority. As the psychological wellbeing has not been a subject treated by the state, in France like in most countries, the psychologists did their best to treat their patients anyway. And it looks like therapy online was not always a bad solution. This could even have advantages. Guillaume Casez is a fifty years … Continue reading Lockdown: Distance therapy can have benefits

Corona on Campus

The student campus Uilenstede is, with its 3,400 residents, the largest student campus in Northern Europe. Living here means experiencing the ‘real student life’, including thirteen housemates, a dirty kitchen, and numerous parties. According to Dutch media, nothing has changed since the coronavirus. However, students and the Uilenstede residents’ association VBU claim otherwise. “The reporting is often one-sided and it sketches a wrong image.” Uilenstede … Continue reading Corona on Campus

“Corona strikes at Amersfoort high school”

The Amersfoort high school hasn’t even been open for two full weeks or the first cases of the virus are present. On the weekend of 13 September the school found out that multiple teachers have been infected with the corona virus. Over a span of two days, two teachers have been tested positive and three more are waiting at home until they can get tested. … Continue reading “Corona strikes at Amersfoort high school”