Big Tech politics

By: Jurgen Vlaar We are entering a new era of the digital age and too many governments are not equipped yet. Government institutions with too much bureaucracy make the transition too slow-moving for them to keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape. That is why they should reshape their way of working towards something called ‘Smart Governance’. Smart governance is a way for governments … Continue reading Big Tech politics

Everything is connected

By Josefien Gravendeel When it comes to hypnosis many people think of shows where people’s minds are being controlled. In reality, hypnosis is related to the subconscious part of the brain and has the purpose to lead a new way of living.  Jos van Os and Jildou Canrinus both decided to practice hypnotherapy. Van Os is 80 years old and practices hypnotherapy. At the age … Continue reading Everything is connected

Thrifting a new self

By Melisa Salas It has been over a year since the world erupted into a state of chaos. It was scary, yet considered as a positive thing by many people. For many people, a national lockdown meant we got the time to reflect more on ourselves and grow as a person. On the 19th of March, three of my best friends and I were on … Continue reading Thrifting a new self

There’s something about mushrooms

By Sharon Verhoeks It is the muse of many artists and the habitat of fairytale creatures: the mushroom. They are trendy and have been an ethereal organism since mankind started writing about them.  A mushroom or toadstool is the fleshy, spore-bearing body of a fungus, typically produced above ground, on soil, or on its food source. A fungus, plural fungi – is any member of … Continue reading There’s something about mushrooms

Friendships in the time of Corona

by Dauphine Vernimmen Silence. Empty streets, empty cities and closed restaurants. The noise moved to our computers. Everything is going online: work, friendships and meetings. All of us soon adapted to interacting with friends and loved ones solely through screens. Speaking to friends through WhatsApp and having daily Zoom meetings is useful to stay in touch but it is not the same as it used … Continue reading Friendships in the time of Corona

1,5-meter society will not work for the hospitality business

A column by Tijn de Bruin Several viral videos have been spreading throughout social media of Dutch citizens. Dutch celebrity Nicolette van Dam working at her café, throwing drinks to the tables from one-and-a-half-meter distance. A bar owner from Rotterdam doing the same thing. These videos are a cry for help: the 1,5-meter society after the corona crisis will not work for them. As being … Continue reading 1,5-meter society will not work for the hospitality business

Learning delays: why is the Dutch Education Union so concerned?

By Marije de Boer When I heard that the Dutch Education Union was worried about the learning delay primary school students are going to have because of the corona virus, millions of questions popped into my head. The Dutch Education Union announced that they decided that if schools don’t open up again soon, they want to shorten the summer holidays, just so students get a … Continue reading Learning delays: why is the Dutch Education Union so concerned?