Hey teenage-me, this is for you!

What would you say to your puberty-you? Looking back, Luisa thinks that her struggles with feeling beautiful were ridiculous. Story by Luisa Funk Dear Luisa, I know that you are struggling with your appearance and your self-image is pretty bad. You feel anything but beautiful. And I remember why you feel that way. I know that since puberty you started to compare yourself to others … Continue reading Hey teenage-me, this is for you!

Beauty Past Forty

Women from three different cultures give candid insights into how they feel about ageing and their perception of beauty as they get older. Story by Chloe McDermott Antoinette Roovers (53) Dutch/Turkish Social work How comfortable do you feel about leaving the house without make-up? Quite comfortable. When I go to work or something where I have to make an appearance then I really would like … Continue reading Beauty Past Forty

Mastering Beauty from Within

Trusting your internal beauty brings you a step closer to self-confidence. It all starts with uplifting your energy levels and keeping an open mind. Experts Vanessa Vink and Suzanne Stutje talk about the interdependence of vibration and beauty. Story by Dobromir Muladzhikov Present-day youth culture is obsessed with looking physically beautiful by investing in millions of cosmetic products to enhance the face and body. Nourishing your body … Continue reading Mastering Beauty from Within

“I had to learn to shed a skin”

Kadie Kposowa, although born in London, is originally from Sierra Leone. Throughout their life, they have struggled to identify with a gender. Now at 29 years old, they describe what it is like being a non-binary person of colour, what beauty means to them and how non-binary people are treated back in Sierra Leone. Story by Zara Garrido Jimenez “Being non-binary feels obvious to me … Continue reading “I had to learn to shed a skin”

F*ck the Standard, Stand Out!

Make-up. As the origin of the word suggests, most people use cosmetics to make up for ‘flaws’. Be it blemishes, wrinkles, or their freckles. But make-up can do much more than making one blend in with societal standards of beauty. Story by Franziska Kircher Make-up can make you stand out. At least that is how Matt perceives its purpose. The 33- year-old uses the power … Continue reading F*ck the Standard, Stand Out!


Spots, pigment, tattoos, bumps, scars, stretch marks, acne, eczema, moles, freckles. The list is endless. Our skin is unique. We are taught that we need to ‘feel comfortable in our own skin’, but the types of skin our society seems to prefer are those no one seems to have. We expect our skin to be flawless, nothing out of the ordinary. We are getting used … Continue reading (SK)INSPIRATION

From Prehistoric Pretty to Filter Fanatics

For as long as we have been on this planet, beauty has been in our lives, whether it was to look rich, to seduce someone or to live up to the standards of society. What did our ancestors consider beautiful? Story by Tina Priemus Prehistoric Pretty (25.000 years ago) There is not much known about the beauty standard of the prehistoric age. However, this totem can … Continue reading From Prehistoric Pretty to Filter Fanatics