The perfect propaganda strategy based on your personal data

Written by Eva Verlaan Nowadays, propaganda still takes place, only in a totally different way: You don’t see the pamphlets in the newspapers or the streets, you see personalized content specially made to match your norms and values on your social media channels. Apps on which you spend an average of 1.5 hours per day, according to the NOS. Cambridge Analytica was a company who … Continue reading The perfect propaganda strategy based on your personal data

Rage against the most persistent of pandemics

Just when the corona crisis slowed down, we were brutally reminded of the other ‘pandemic’ that has raged across the world for over 400 years. Indeed COVID-19 does not see race, status or sexual orientation. However, the pandemic has demonstrated the fatality of inequality. The overwhelmingly black deaths of New York serve as irrefutable evidence that systematic racism is so deeply embedded in our societies, that it didn’t even slip from a colourblind virus.  Continue reading Rage against the most persistent of pandemics


Glitter, heels, long nails, wild dancing, crop tops, colourful outfits, 80s music; these are a few of Pedro Lorenzo Menéndez’s (21) favourite things. One would rarely find Pedro sat at home and not out with friends or dancing. But then, the corona lockdown came, and Pedro found himself stuck indoors with his parents; one of which did not know an important part of Pedro’s identity. … Continue reading BREAKING FREE DURING LOCKDOWN

Socialism on the rise in California since pandemic

“Recent developments of the Corona outbreak have fueled Californians’ desire to adopt a more socialist political ideology” – Alexander Smith

The pandemic has stimulated people in California to become more active in the democratic socialist movement. Addison Winslow and Alexander Smith, who are both organizers of the Democratic Socialists of America in Northern California, have been actively involved in the community while helping people in need during these times of crisis.

Continue reading “Socialism on the rise in California since pandemic”

Diminishing the Walls of Racism

A photo feature by Patrick Lowe Los Angeles – Protests in Los Angeles, and all around the globe, started after the tragic death of George Floyd. As the days have gone by, protests in Los Angeles have become larger with more people jumping on board to fight for systematic change and to diminish the walls of racism in the United States.   The demonstrations that had started … Continue reading Diminishing the Walls of Racism

Finnish Government’s hands tied due to rigid legislation

The country’s inflexible legislation poses unexpected obstacles for the Finnish government to deal with the coronavirus outbreak as swiftly as perhaps desired. Already when the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Finland were shy of 400, the government took firm measures to close all schools, universities, gyms, libraries and other public buildings. It seemed as though the Finnish government was going to tackle the outbreak with … Continue reading Finnish Government’s hands tied due to rigid legislation

How to travel green: an adventurous yet durable journey

Dutch sustainability advocates, Wiebe Wakker and Rudy van der Aar are known as unique travelers as they have made an adventurous yet durable journey. Sharing two contrasting stories of two different globetrotters with one goal: raising awareness about sustainability. Text by Samen Rehman, photos by Wiebe Wakker & Rudy van der Aar Wiebe Wakker drove 100.450 km through 34 countries, from The Netherlands to New … Continue reading How to travel green: an adventurous yet durable journey

Istanbul Nightlife

This Metropolitan city contains of over 15 million inhabitants with a wide range of nationalities. The traditional Turkish culture blends with cultures from the many tourists that enlighten the city. What does this mean for their nightlife culture? Text and photo by Sandra Deira Özgür Erdogu (37) is a business owner in Taksim and has seen the many changes the city has been through in … Continue reading Istanbul Nightlife

Building Faith

Istanbul has over 1,000 mosques. If you look closely and compare them with each other, it quickly becomes clear that the vast majority follows the same model and that some characteristics are always repeated. But there are also some of the newly built ones, whose architecture is a bit daring and leaves behind the traditional construction methods of the Ottoman and the master architect Sinan. … Continue reading Building Faith