The future of the empty streets in Ålesund

It is 11am on a Saturday morning in the coastal city of Ålesund. For once, the weather is nice enough to be outside, but the city is sleeping. The city, that is home to approximately 70 thousand inhabitants, has seen a lot of change during the last 10 years. As a competing shopping mall, 15 minutes outside the city, has grown bigger and bigger, stores … Continue reading The future of the empty streets in Ålesund

Going offline

By Yana Georgieva The online world has revolutionised modern society and people’s everyday lives are influenced by it everyday. Being online has become so normal that it is sometimes hard to separate the virtual from the personal. Can we still rediscover life from before we were online? Kalina Todorova, a 23-year-old student, made a drastic decision five years ago. She decided to quit social media: … Continue reading Going offline

Working together with Nature

By Jaimy Witbraad Climate change is happening and the discussion around it takes many causative agents. With new policies on reducing CO2 emissions and a rising interest in vegan food, farmers need to change their ways. These ways lead to higher bills and many concerns for farmers. Luckily there is a solution: regenerative farming. The origin of the current farming systems we work with lies … Continue reading Working together with Nature

Yoga’s Roots, Erased

A Hindu practice, appropriated into a white woman’s exercise Article By: Austin Devaraj Illustration By: Sage Christopher-Bankasingh The Yogic Practice rooted in Hinduism is appropriated in the West through the erasure of its Indic roots. This piece draws reflection of the historical context of when colonial powers banned the practice during their rule and Hinduphobia today. Luvena Rangel wakes up in her flat in Bangalore, … Continue reading Yoga’s Roots, Erased

The way Maastricht UMC dealt with COVID-19

By Claire Schouten In the past year the feelings of fear, exhaustion and hopelessness dominated in hospitals all over The Netherlands. Healthcare workers worked really hard to nurture, take care of the patients, and make sure they got discharged from the hospitals. On May 29, there were – for the first time in 2021 – less than 500 COVID-19 patients in the Intensive Care. This … Continue reading The way Maastricht UMC dealt with COVID-19

Amid COVID, Canada’s Younger Gen is flocking to Suburbia

June 3, 2021 By: Austin Devaraj The generation composed of millennials and gen z is looking to build a future out of the city, in a trend that continues on, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic rages Young Canadians are moving to the suburbs at an alarming rate. The government data, released by Statistics Canada, this past January noted that around 87,000 residents, moved out of … Continue reading Amid COVID, Canada’s Younger Gen is flocking to Suburbia

How a famous sex club sponsored a student society

By Lola Bessa Most student associations receive financial support from universities or alumni. But in Maastricht, one particular group of students has been sponsored by Yab Yum, the former world’s most exclusive brothel in Amsterdam, for almost thirty years. The Angle made an exclusive visit to Heerendispuut Xaviera. On the Rechtstraat 94 in Maastricht stands a small building that looks like a miniature version of … Continue reading How a famous sex club sponsored a student society