The (Un)filtered Truth

Getting a full face of make-up within seconds through beauty filters or editing apps – modifying your own pictures got quite normal. But how does the use of these filters and applications influence our self-image? Story by Luisa Funk It takes one tap and the selfie looks ‘perfect’ – thanks to beauty filters or editing apps. The last few years, modifying your selfies has become … Continue reading The (Un)filtered Truth

Saartje Langstraat

“It’s all about confidence”

True beauty comes from within. That’s not exactly what you would associate with beauty contests, where it seems to be all about appearances. But to win, you don’t just have to look perfect. Saartje Langstraat (21), the Miss Beauty Netherlands from 2021 gives insight into the world of pageants and how participating has changed her perspective on beauty. Story by Jana Prochazka How do you … Continue reading “It’s all about confidence”

Trolley dollies: The impossible beauty standards of a flight attendant

Flight attendants are expected to radiate beauty on the outside, while many are feeling far from glamorous on the inside. Crew gives their insight into the dated and sometimes toxic beauty expectations of the industry.  Story by Eliza Freeman The airline industry is one that everyone is familiar with, and many are fascinated by, yet most people know very little about it. Stewardess, flight attendant, … Continue reading Trolley dollies: The impossible beauty standards of a flight attendant

My ethnicity is not your aesthetic

Trends on Tik Tok are mostly harmless. A little dance here, a little make-up there. But sometimes they overlap with foreign cultures and are appropriated. Let’s dive into the phenomenon of cultural appropriation and find out why it’s not acceptable. Story by Anahita Ahmadi and Katja Pelic Many celebrities have been under fire for years because of their affiliations with cultural appropriation. An example is … Continue reading My ethnicity is not your aesthetic

The psychology behind first impressions

For people who are at the start of their careers, succeeding in first impressions is an important factor. But is a good first impression mostly dependent on your looks, or is there more behind this process? An interview with expert Zabeth van Veen. Story by Willemijn Besaris Zabeth van Veen (56) is an image expert and coaches people on visibility and prejudice. She knows all … Continue reading The psychology behind first impressions

“I have never seen anybody with a skin condition, a disability or even acne”

In the modelling industry there are unspoken rules around the people that end up being used to advertise our clothing brands. Whether it’s high end or high street, it is an industry obsessed with perfection. So, what about people who have skin conditions or disabilities? Story by Chloe McDermott Juliette van der Erve (23) Creative Business student at HvA, was a commercial model for seven … Continue reading “I have never seen anybody with a skin condition, a disability or even acne”

Putting down the beer

Isabella Balanchi – Studies show that many poured a few extra drinks during the Covid-19 lockdowns. But now that the world is open again, a counter-movement is trending. It is called mindful drinking and invites people to explore why they drink – with the goal to cut down or quit completely. I met Laura Willoughby from Club Soda for a talk about the drinking culture … Continue reading Putting down the beer

Guided by crystals

Jesse Hattink – Crystals are pretty and mysterious – some also believe they have healing abilities. Minerals might be the next big thing in alternative medicine.  22-year-old Lobke Bremmer lives in Amersfoort and is a collector of minerals and crystals. She believes that they do have healing and supporting abilities. “I have a Lapis Lazuli crystal, for example – it guides me morally and it … Continue reading Guided by crystals