Kurds in Paris fear another attack

After the murder of three Kurdish people in their cultural centre, the Kurdish community is shocked and angry. They don´t feel safe anymore. Story by Luisa Funk When you turn into the street Rue d´Enghien, you hardly suspect that an assassination has taken place there just a few weeks ago. But this changes about 50 metres before the crime scene, where you spot a police … Continue reading Kurds in Paris fear another attack

The Bouquinistes of Paris

Besides being the city of love, Paris is also the home of literature lovers. With more than 700 bookshops spread throughout the city centre, a row of 900 green wooden stalls and 230 booksellers stretching across three kilometres along the Seine, Parisian booksellers proudly show their love for the art of writing through books. But in the age of the smartphone, this book culture is … Continue reading The Bouquinistes of Paris