“Welcome to introvert happy hour”

The book club where people come together to read in silence. In Amsterdam, the Silent Book Club has been meeting once a month for nearly two years and has steadily grown in popularity over time.  The Silent Book Club (SBC) began in 2012 with a couple of friends in San Francisco, California. Fast-forward a decade and the volunteer-led club now has chapters in approximately 300 … Continue reading “Welcome to introvert happy hour”

Language learning: fostering human bonds

By Josie Makkink As the sun sets, the evening rays shine through the rustic open windows of the Dutch Language Café in the Hague. Roben Scholten (33) is the founder of this language group, which has grown to 100 members since its launch three years ago. “I started the Dutch Language Café when I came back from a trip to Spain. I worked in a … Continue reading Language learning: fostering human bonds

“More important than a relationship”

Lena Jager (28) is from Amsterdam and she has found the perfect connection with her dancing partner. Having great chemistry with her dancing partner is extremely important to Lena, as she is competing on a high level in the Netherlands and internationally.  Dancing is a big part of Lena’s life, however she also works as a pediatric nurse at an ICU. She started dancing at … Continue reading “More important than a relationship”

Beyond the confines of monogamy

When we picture a romantic relationship, we imagine an emotional partnership between two people. Monogamy is seen as the norm, but many people do not fit this standard relationship type. Martin (27) and Lark (28) are in a polyamorous relationship, which means they can date other people.    Martin and Lark both live and work in The Hague. Martin has been working as a bioinformatician … Continue reading Beyond the confines of monogamy

Kurds in Paris fear another attack

After the murder of three Kurdish people in their cultural centre, the Kurdish community is shocked and angry. They don´t feel safe anymore. Story by Luisa Funk When you turn into the street Rue d´Enghien, you hardly suspect that an assassination has taken place there just a few weeks ago. But this changes about 50 metres before the crime scene, where you spot a police … Continue reading Kurds in Paris fear another attack

The Bouquinistes of Paris

Besides being the city of love, Paris is also the home of literature lovers. With more than 700 bookshops spread throughout the city centre, a row of 900 green wooden stalls and 230 booksellers stretching across three kilometres along the Seine, Parisian booksellers proudly show their love for the art of writing through books. But in the age of the smartphone, this book culture is … Continue reading The Bouquinistes of Paris