By Claire Schouten & Gaby van Genderen  Drag is an ever-evolving term with a rich history and its roots stem from queer culture. Nowadays, the term can involve dressing up and making costumes, having a persona, gender crossing and wearing extravagant make-up. The drag scene is still more than relevant and important today. A big part of its history is sad and complicated, but now … Continue reading QUARANTINE QUEENS

Working together with Nature

By Jaimy Witbraad Climate change is happening and the discussion around it takes many causative agents. With new policies on reducing CO2 emissions and a rising interest in vegan food, farmers need to change their ways. These ways lead to higher bills and many concerns for farmers. Luckily there is a solution: regenerative farming. The origin of the current farming systems we work with lies … Continue reading Working together with Nature

‘Why do they get to decide what is essential?’ The financial frustrations of the creative sector

Museum plein, usually one of Amsterdam’s busiest spots. The museum quarter boasts four of the city’s museums and is a major tourist attraction. Yet, due to the pandemic, it has become a sight for sore eyes to anyone involved with the cultural sector.  Covid-19 has weakened an already wavering creative sector. In March of this year, Amsterdam announced a 21,4 miljoen euro support fund for … Continue reading ‘Why do they get to decide what is essential?’ The financial frustrations of the creative sector

Restaurant owner finds creative solution to shortage of staff

Owner Leon van Bourgonje (left) signs contract with manager director of ROC Peter Bon (right Restaurant De Eendracht and ROC Hilversum combine their powers and start hospitality academy ‘On The Job De Eendracht’ from September this year. The hospitality branche has shortage of staff after the corona crisis. While ROC Hilversum fulfills the need of students to have more practical experience during their study, restaurant … Continue reading Restaurant owner finds creative solution to shortage of staff

‘Sex workers are at the bottom of society’’

Sex workers of Amsterdam are finally back in business. And although the girls are happy to get back to work, they still feel underappreciated by society. How has being in lockdown been for them and what is it like to finally get back to work? The red glow of the lights is shining on the facades again. Girls of all colours, shapes and sizes have … Continue reading ‘Sex workers are at the bottom of society’’

A New Narrative

By Shaquille Joy  Now more than ever, the way we engage and share stories starts to change. The wish for virtual and digital spaces becomes bigger, especially for communities that need safe spaces to share their experiences or just come together.  For some people, the most exciting stories revolve around something they can see themselves in. Others prefer a storyline that, in unrealistic ways, completely … Continue reading A New Narrative

Meals of Tomorrow

By Lola Bessa The way we perceive, and experience food is of great importance. We need food to survive and therefore eat approximately two kilos of food a day. There are more foods than ever before and that’s why the future of the food system is more thrilling than ever.  What do you think of when you think about your favourite food? Is it healthy? … Continue reading Meals of Tomorrow

Digital Detox

By Sharon Verhoeks  In society, almost all people are to be found online. We accept the cookies to a website without reading the terms and conditions and scroll through the privacy policy with no care. Our data is on the streets and surveillance capitalism is threatening our privacy without us noticing. Surveillance capitalism is an economic system centered around the commodification of personal data with … Continue reading Digital Detox