Living a VANtastic life

Daphne Gakes (34) has been living in her campervan ‘Bartje’ in Amsterdam for three years now. Moving from one place to another, she experiences a feeling of freedom and danger at the same time.  Text by Lisanne van ‘t Riet and Julia Pulm, photos by Lisanne van ‘t Riet   Stepping out at Station ‘Verrijn Stuartweg’, a ten minute walk leads you through a business area towards … Continue reading Living a VANtastic life

Amsterdam: city scars

From just 30.000 residents in the 1500s to more than 900.000 in 2019, Amsterdam has expanded a great deal. This also means that some of the city’s historic buildings were demolished, while others still remain 400 years later. But exactly how have some of the areas in Amsterdam changed throughout the years? Text and photos by Bart Jacobs The Waterlooplein was once the beating heart … Continue reading Amsterdam: city scars

Life-changing novels

Everyone has had the experience – when you were shaken by a book. A novel usually which gives you a new direction. And who knows these life changing books better other than a bookseller. Four readers about life changing reads. Text by Iris van Schie, photos by Jonas Armbruster Book The Laws by Connie Palmen Reader Bob Kappen (29), works at Athenaeum, Spui. When did … Continue reading Life-changing novels

Life after sport: ‘I felt like I was losing a part of myself’

When an athlete’s career ends, the transition to normal life can be shocking. The athlete may suffer from changes in their personal, social and occupational life. Ex-athletes Aggelos Kotsis (22) and Beatriz García (24) went through this themselves. Text and photos by Iraide Ibarrondo Aggelos Kotsis was a football player for almost 13 years, and used to play professionally for Sparta F.C in Greece’s second … Continue reading Life after sport: ‘I felt like I was losing a part of myself’

Fashion: from trend to sustainability

Sustainability in fashion is a constantly recurring topic. More and more fashion companies are using eco-friendly textiles and remaking worn clothes instead of ‘fast fashion’.  Text and photos by Julia Pulm and Robin Nguyen  2,700 liters. This is the amount of water that is necessary for the manufacturing of one T-Shirt. Most of these T-Shirts are made out of a combination of cotton and polyester. … Continue reading Fashion: from trend to sustainability

Water and weedburgers: the vegans are here

In recent years, vegan food has become more and more common and people often choose a vegetarian meal. The lunchroom ‘Beter & Leuk’ located in Amsterdam, has an extensive vegan menu. Even though it is not close to most tourist attractions, it’s jam packed every day around lunchtime.   Text and photos by Bart Jacobs The vegetarian lunchroom, ‘Beter & Leuk’ in Amsterdam East almost looks … Continue reading Water and weedburgers: the vegans are here

Out of the rush

Most people living in Amsterdam probably can’t imagine themselves not living in a city. For Noelle Amrani (23) that isn’t the case. At the age of fifteen, she moved to a village in the south of Holland. Text by Astrid Vlaeminck and Samen Rehman Pictures by Astrid Vlaeminck  When Noelle started studying law three years ago she had to get a student apartment in Amsterdam-Zuidoost … Continue reading Out of the rush

The many faces of Amsterdam’s Red Light District

A photo series by Ingrid Godager and Iris Geerardyn It will come as no surprise that the Red Light District in Amsterdam is known for its prostitutes, but the area has so much more to offer. When you walk around the vibrant neighbourhood, you might just bump into a cute little store, a barber shop or a museum. This photo series sheds light on the … Continue reading The many faces of Amsterdam’s Red Light District