The Netherlands: A paradise for the LGBTIQ community?

Podcast by Annemarie Andre | Picture by Unsplash Since the Netherlands introduced the same-sex marriage as the first country in the world in 2001, it is known as a place of tolerance and sexual freedom. While other European countries now caught up with it and developed the movement furthermore, the Netherlands stood still. What are the challenges of the LGBTIQ community in the Netherlands nowadays? … Continue reading The Netherlands: A paradise for the LGBTIQ community?

Activism from the couch

Activists have a reputation for taking over streets across the world to fight for what they believe in, but corona has made it impossible to do mass demonstrations. Robin Habbé (25), has continued the fight against climate change online: “I understand if it is difficult for some people to join.” A photo-reportage by Iben Schmidt Amsterdam: Though 2019 became “the year of street protest”, coronavirus quiets … Continue reading Activism from the couch

Friendships in the time of Corona

by Dauphine Vernimmen Silence. Empty streets, empty cities and closed restaurants. The noise moved to our computers. Everything is going online: work, friendships and meetings. All of us soon adapted to interacting with friends and loved ones solely through screens. Speaking to friends through WhatsApp and having daily Zoom meetings is useful to stay in touch but it is not the same as it used … Continue reading Friendships in the time of Corona

New creative opportunities for enterprise

by Laszlo Lieffering The pandemic has turned our world upside down. The safety measures against Covid-19 not only has an impact on our civilian life, but it also affects our economy. A lot of businesses are shut down, like restaurants, barber salons and gyms. Corporate company-employees who are still operational, need to work at home as much as possible. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are … Continue reading New creative opportunities for enterprise

“11 years at the airport and I have never seen anything like this”

Impressions from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport following Europe’s travel bans and lock down implementations. Photos and text by Veronica Kontopoulou It is not business as usual at Schiphol Airport this Sunday evening. Many of the travelers, have had to battle through a multitude of flight cancellations to return to their home country. The COVID-19 outbreak is visible everywhere; in the red and white tapes restricting passengers … Continue reading “11 years at the airport and I have never seen anything like this”

Fear of coronavirus affects Amsterdam pharmacies

Several pharmacists in the Dutch capital are in lack of face mask because of coronavirus. Now they are waiting weeks for new deliveries. Text: Iben Schmidt | Photo: Iben Schmidt Amsterdam – After the coronavirus disease broke out in South China, face masks all over the world have been selling out. Amsterdam seems to be no exception.  Dam Apotheek in the center of Amsterdam taped … Continue reading Fear of coronavirus affects Amsterdam pharmacies

Living a VANtastic life

Daphne Gakes (34) has been living in her campervan ‘Bartje’ in Amsterdam for three years now. Moving from one place to another, she experiences a feeling of freedom and danger at the same time.  Text by Lisanne van ‘t Riet and Julia Pulm, photos by Lisanne van ‘t Riet   Stepping out at Station ‘Verrijn Stuartweg’, a ten minute walk leads you through a business area towards … Continue reading Living a VANtastic life