Chiara Kahn

Chiara Kahn (22) Hi! I’m Chiara from France. I grew up in Paris and still live here, in a studio on the west side. I really like my place and am used to calling it my ‘peace haven’. I’m currently studying Media and Communication, after spending one year in London and another at Law school. I have always enjoyed writing and speaking my mind, which is the main reason why I’m attracted to journalism. I interned at a French magazine and then at a TV channel where I worked as a communication manager. Therefore, I hope this minor in International Journalism will help me find out if this field is really made for me or not! In any case, my dream goal would be to produce my own podcast one day. Apart from that, I love to hang out with my friends, to read, and cook.

David Kenzler

David Kenzler (25)
Hi! I’m David, an International Fashion Branding student from Germany. Journalism is something that has always been on my radar. I wish to improve my skills in research and writing and getting involved with broadcast journalism. Also moving out of my comfort zone and the AMFI bubble is very important to me. Personally, I find it important to be informed and inquisitive in order to advocate my liberal ideology professionally as well as personal. One’s personal attributes, negative and/or positive, affects the way we see the world around us. We are all spiritual beings with emotions and thoughts that I value and respect. That mindset helps me see the beauty in whatis not commonly thought as beautiful.

Hedwig Goudsmit

Hedwig Goudsmit (21) Hey there! I'm Hedwig, a Media, Information and Communications student, based in Amsterdam. Puzzling with words is my hobby and I would love to make a career out of this. Next to that, I love the way journalism never stops. There is always something new to learn and to write about. For a curious person like me, journalism is the perfect area to be in. That is why the minor International Journalism seemed like a logical next step! Fun fact: I can speak Dutch sign language.

Isabella Burtscher



Isabella Burtscher (23)
Hi! My name is Isabella from Austria and I’m studying international fashion management at AMFI to combine passion about fashion and my management skills. I chose this minor to improve my writing and presenting skills and also because of my passion for magazines and I always wanted to know what it would be like to work as a journalist. Also, I think that while working in fashion, it is important to be able to communicate, have knowledge about what is going on in the world to be able to address important topics and to create awareness about what matters at the moment. This is also one of my main goals.


Jonne Telkamp


Jonne Telkamp (21) Hi! My name is Jonne and I live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Three years ago, I decided to study International Media and Entertainment Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences. Back then, it was just me postponing having to make an actual decision about my career. Quite soon though, I came to the realisation that I would – as a born planner – be the perfect producer. However, two years and an internship in, nothing seems to be further away from the truth: production is not for me. But, as I was toiling my way through my writing assignments for university, I did explore my love for the written word. During my minor International Journalism I hope to further unravel this state-of-the-art love affair!

Joy Luijben

Joy Luijben (20)
Hi everyone! I’m Joy and I’m currently in my 3rd year studying Fashion & branding at AMFI. I’m specialised in making concepts and visual communication; however, my writing has always been lacking behind. Because my dream job would be to work in editorial writing this is a must! In this minor I want to learn how to make innovative texts and write in a professional way. It is an opportunity for me to challenge myself and learn new things. When I am not overloaded with schoolwork I enjoy going to museums, go out and have a drink with my friends and go on adventures and seek new places!

Julia Müller

Julia Müller (26)
Hello! My name is Julia from Germany with a guilty pleasure for fashion, animal prints and carrot cake. I live in Amsterdam for over three years now and study Fashion and Textiles Management in my last year at AMFI. Next to that I also work as a freelance Copywriter for an in-house agency and am part of a great initiative called ‘The Diversity Collective’. I chose this Minor, because I enjoy doing research, writing and telling stories. I hope to improve my skills and learn more about the landscape of media and journalism and all it entails. Last but not least a fun fact about me: I worked as a Flight Attendant for some time and travelled around the world.


Karenita Haalck

Karenita Haalck (24) Hi, I am Karenita. I am 24 years old and was born in Kiel, a German town right next to the Baltic Sea. Before coming to Amsterdam, I graduated in Fashion Business. Since Autumn 2019, I am doing a follow-up programme at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, where I took part in the 2020 ‘Garment’ magazine minor. While creating concepts, writing and editing along, I realised I thoroughly enjoy storytelling, creative writing and making voices heard. Thus, I decided to take a little detour and dive into journalism. My secret talents are detangling necklaces with lightning speed and hosting spontaneous dinner feasts for friends with whatever is left in the pantry.

Koen Lorijn

Koen Lorijn (25)
Hi everyone! I'm Koen, media student from Amersfoort, the Netherlands. I see myself as an allround media fanatic. Radio, TV and text, I like it all. I started the minor International Journalism because I want to combine my love for media with my talent for telling stories.

Korina Krithara


Korina Krithara
Hello everyone! I’m Korina, a third-year communication student from Greece. I chose this minor, because I’ve always been curious in what’s fading in and out in our society and decided that with journalism, I will spend my time writing on people’s different stories. I hope that with this minor my voice about financial and democracy issues and challenges will be heard. Along with other languages, I am trying to learn Dutch. My passion is also Nutrition as long as I can make it useful for other people too! In my free time I like to hang out with my friends and travel to new places in the world.


Maxime Booi

Maxime Booi (21)
Writing, reading, traveling & sports (field hockey, snowboarding & more) are things I am really excited about. I love to meet other people and discover new cultures. Hey! My name is Maxime, I am currently studying Sport marketing & Management in Rotterdam. I want to share stories, learn a lot more about the world around me and produce radio, podcasts, videos and articles. I think the minor International Journalism definitely is a good match. I am more than ready to broaden my horizon, to meet and to learn! Oh, and a fun fact about me? I was kicked by a donkey once, my favorite food is hamburgers & when I was a little girl I always wanted to become a knight or a flight attendant.


Olivia Riksen

Olivia Riksen (22)
Hi there! My name is Olivia and I’m from a small village next to Arnhem. I moved to Utrecht for my study Global Sustainability Science at Utrecht University. I chose to enrol for the minor International Journalism to learn how to write well researched stories in a compelling manner. This way I hope to spread more public awareness on sustainability and the climate crisis we are currently facing. I like to keep myself busy, but if I have some free time to spend I’m always up for an adventure!

Patricia Budusan

Patricia Budusan (21)
Hey! My name is Patricia, but people call me Trish. Originally from Romania, I moved to The Netherlands after my high school to continue my studies in the International Business field, at Hogeschool Rotterdam. International Journalism is an opportunity for me to improve my writing skills and a challenge to learn more about video production and podcast recording. In my free time, I follow dance classes here in Amsterdam and I like to roller-skate through the Vondelpark.


Roxy Kloosterhof

Roxy Kloosterhof (21) Hi! I’m Roxy, a fourth-year media, information and communication student from Wervershoof, The Netherlands. In my spare time I enjoy reading, eating out a lot, spending time with family and friends and I also love taking pictures and video’s. Right now, I'm doing the minor International Journalism. I want to learn to write about the beautiful things in life and to improve my English. After my studies, I think it would be great to run my own company, preferably one that provides social media advice to other companies.


Simon den Balvert

Simon den Balvert (22)
Hey there! I’m Simon from Haarlem, the Netherlands. My major studies is Media, Information and Communication, now known as Creative Business at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. My goal to achieve during this minor is changing stories into creative work like photography and audio. Fun fact, I got lost on a Costa Rican after a surf session.


Suze van der Tang

Suze van der Tang (21) I’m Suze, Fashion & Management student who has always wanted to get a taste of journalism and now has the opportunity to! I’m originally Dutch and live in Amsterdam but I grew up in different countries, and spent most of my time in Sydney, Australia.  Having an international background has given me the opportunity to experience differences in cultures and equipped me with a more open-minded outset on life. Being caught between cultures has also contributed to my interest in a large array of fields, including human rights, political activism but also highly different areas of music, literature and food. Tapping into these interests through journalism and media communication is something I’ve always wanted to explore.

Talia Farghaly

Talia Farghaly
Hi! My name is Talia, I grew up in Switzerland with Polish, Egyptian and German roots. I came to Amsterdam three years ago to study International Fashion & Management at AMFI. My hobbies include turning my apartment into a greenhouse, begging my landlord to let me have a cat, writing poetry and, of course, fashion. Moving to Amsterdam gave me the freedom to find my fascination of (fashion) journalism. In this minor, I aspire to gain profound knowledge within the different disciplines of journalism and create a personal portfolio.


Tamara Mohamed

Tamara Mohamed (19)
Heya! I’m Tamara, 19 years old and from the best city in the Netherlands, Amersfoort. I’m majoring in public management, meaning I’m very interested in politics and social issues. Journalism and politics have a very close relationship, open a newspaper and you will see plenty of stories about things politicians and what they did (or didn’t) do. Because I already know so much about one side of story, I want to get to know the other side of the story. What kind of stories can you write about politics and social issues and how does that influence the possible outcome?  One fun fact about me: My favourite movie is Titanic even though I’ve gotten sea sick every time I’ve been on a boat so far.

Tobias Hariharan

Tobias Hariharan (22)
Hello there! My name Tobias and I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. At the moment I am in my last year of my study Communications at the Rotterdam University. I have always been interested in media, communication and journalism. As a result of the changing media-landscape the journalistic purpose is also changing. I like to keep up with these kind of developments. With this minor I would love to improve my (copy)writing skills and know how to reach the right audience. In my spare time I love to cook, run and watch movies.

Zita Hille


Zita Hille (24)
Hey! I’m Zita from Frankfurt, half German and half Hungarian, and in love with black coffee. I enjoy being on the road, play sports, go to concerts or festivals, music in general and writing – that is why I decided to become a journalist one day. I’m currently studying crossmedia journalism in Stuttgart & the minor International Journalism is representing my semester abroad, which I’m really excited about. I’m hoping to dive deeper in Dutch politics and the media. Fun fact: I recently read an article about the fact that people who drink black coffee tend to have psychopathic traits… So - nice to meet you guys!

Eva Verlaan

Eva Verlaan (20)
Originally from Bodengraven but I live in Amsterdam now. My major is media, information and communication. I started the minor international journalism because I want to improve my writing and my English. My main goal is being an independent woman with a booming carreer! Fun fact about me is that I remarried my parents this yea because it was time to speak vows again after 25 years of being in a marriage full of love.