Carl Edholm

Carl Edholm (23) - Hi there! I am a student from Sweden who studies journalism. I really enjoy writing but all mediums in journalism interest me! My main inspirations are Terence McKenna, who showed me how language is existence crystallized in sound, and Jeff Mangum whose poetry about loss of innocence, life and death will lead me through my summers and autumns. Two of my favourite memories abroad are getting drunk with a Korean priest in Nepal and escaping the security guards with a French hippie in Peru. I can hopefully add another memory to the list now that I’m here.

Marijn Butter

Marijn Butter (21) - Hi everyone! My name is Marijn, I was born and raised in Amsterdam. I originally study to be a primary teacher which I love, but I wanted to do something totally different as minor, so I chose International Journalism. I’ve always loved to write and take pictures and produce videos. I would love to do something with film or photography in my career.

Elisa Vrij

Elisa Vrij ( 22) - I am Elisa and I am a Communications student at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. I am half Italian, half Dutch and partially Surinamese. This makes me part of different cultures, which I'm very proud of. I love books and travelling and a new found passion is writing, which is why I chose the minor International Journalism.

Diogo Baptista

Diogo Baptista (24) -  Hi! I’m Diogo, a third culture kid born in Luxembourg with Portuguese heritage. I am currently finishing a BSc in Management & Marketing that I pursued in Budapest. To combine both fields — business and the news media, I took the leap and started this minor. I’m a marketing & psychology enthusiast and keen to learn about society and the media. I’m a pro at not taking life too seriously.

Nina Büchs

Nina Büchs (26) - Hi, I'm Nina! I was born and raised in a small village near the alps in Munich, Germany. As a curious person, always open to broaden my horizon, to interview different people and write interesting stories, I found my passion in studying Journalism. Besides that, I am also very passionate about discovering cities, reading books and eating pizza.

Kimberly Nicolaus

Kimberly Nicolaus (21) - I’m a curious and open-minded person. That’s why I like to look at topics about society, politics and economy from a different angle. With strong coffee, I love to research for details that tell the story and honestly, I still read printed magazines and newspapers. But at the same time, I’m fascinated about translating stories into photos or videos. Actually, I’m studying cross media-journalism in Stuttgart, Germany. But now I’m exploring Amsterdam and Journalism from an international perspective.

Malou Kouwenhove

Malou Kouwenhove (21) - I am Malou. I am currently studying media, information and communication in Enschede. I love making videos and I would love to end up working with a big company that produces videos. I also love to write, and I can't wait to improve my writing with this minor.

Melanie Schlemmer

Melanie Schlemmer (27) -  Hey there! I study Journalism in Vienna at the FH Wien of WKW and finally took the step to challenge myself and study here in Amsterdam. I‘m always curious about getting to know different realities and perspectives. One of my mottos is: „ There is always something to learn from everything and everyone.“ Besides that I love to dance in the woods or in the fields at festivals and parties until the sun rises (one of the best moments I tell you!) and I like helping people through my work at psycare projects.

Yannick Grenouillat

Yannick Grenouillat (22) - Hi! I’m Yannick Grenouillat. I live in Amsterdam. I’m studying Media, Information and Communication at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In the future, my aim is to work as a television host or newscaster. In this minor I hope to inform people of stories they never knew they needed to know. Fun fact about myself is that I have a French father so I have two passports.


Romy Caverle

Romy Caverle (20) - Hi, I'm Romy! I'm a Communication student at the HvA and I live in Amsterdam for like half a year now. Originally, I’m from Utrecht, also a very pretty city in the middle of the Netherlands. In the past few years, I have discovered that I’m very curious about the world of journalism. I’m always checking the news and I’m eager to learn all the ins and outs of finding, creating and communicating about new perspectives on journalistic subjects. With this minor, I want to go out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to take on this adventure.

Lindsey Maycock

Lindsey Maycock (19) -  My name is Lindsey Maycock. I'm a journalism student from Edinburgh Scotland. I'm doing an international exchange in Amsterdam for 5 months where I hope to meet lots of new people and gain more practical experience in journalism. I decided I wanted to be a journalist when I was 17 because I had an interest in writing, educating people and how the world works. During my time abroad I hope to travel loads and become a more worldly and open minded person.

Dave Lantinga

Dave Lantinga (23) - I am a 23 year old Communication student from Amsterdam and Production Manager for ZOO Magazine. My interest for this minor is to improve journalistic interview techniques and develop my personal writing.

Naomi de Ridder

Naomi de Ridder (21) - My name is Naomi de Ridder and I'm a Media, Information and Communication student at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Writing stories has been my passion since I was a little kid. When my parents asked little Naomi what she wanted to become in the future, she knew the answer without thinking for too long: a journalist! I hope to improve my writing skills and my English during this minor, so more people can read my stories.

Chirine Aboussaad

Chirine Aboussaad (23) - Hi! I'm Chirine, I'm a Communications major student at the HvA. I was born and raised in Amsterdam and hold the city near and dear to my heart. I love being creative; wether it is with crafts, in the kitchen or writing as long as I can express myself, I'm happy. In my spare time I like binge consuming media of all sorts, baking and hugging my cat Lennon.

Tim van den Broek

Tim van den Broek (20) - I’m Tim van den Broek, a student from Delft, The Netherlands. Because of my interest in news and societal developments, I chose the minor International Journalism. For the future, I hope to be a correspondent in a foreign country, a radiomaker or a guy who sells coffee. Fun fact: I always tell fun facts.

Maxim Etty

Maxim Etty (20) - Hi there! I’m a student and I live in Amsterdam. I was born in a small town near the sea called Souburg. I’m in the third year of my study communication at the HvA. I work as a freelance illustrator and i like to make pictures and movies in my spare time. I chose this minor because i think it’s very interesting and important to know how news are made and learn the difference between a good and a bad news report. I also hope to improve my written English during this course.

Esmee Bakker

Esmee Bakker (21) - Hi guys! My name is Esmee and I'm one of the Dutchies from this semester's class. My two passions include writing and travelling, so it would be awesome if I were to combine those two - just wander the world, meet new people, learn new cultures and tell fascinating stories. This International Journalism minor is a good start!

Dyonne Onyema

Dyonne Onyema (20) - Hi guys! I’m Dyonne and I'm currently studying Media, Information and Communication at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I chose this minor to improve my writing skills, but also to improve my English. I am passionate about videography, photography and filming and hope to combine that in my future work. I am very excited to study this minor to further improve my journalism skills.

Fleur Withagen

Fleur Withagen (25) - Hi there! My name is Fleur and I’m from The Netherlands. I study Trend Research & Concept Creation in Tilburg, which means I make concepts based on trends. This is my first experience as a journalist and I am very excited to make interesting reports. I love to see the world and there isn't a chance that I’m not listening to music.

Maarten Moeijes

Maarten Moeijes (24) - Hey, I’m Maarten! I work as a teacher in high schools and coordinate local diversity projects. Since I got invited to a local radio station once to help out, I’ve been in love with this medium. After five years of local radio and two years of studying journalism, I realized I wanted to be more in touch with people. Instead of talking through a microphone, I’m now mostly talking to a classroom full of kids. Working for the International Angle means I can explore writing and communication even more, and I’m very excited about that!

Charisa Chedie

Charisa Chedie (25) - Hi, I am Charisa and I study Media, Information & Communication here at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I was born and raised in The Hague and now live in Amsterdam for about 5 years. I’m a huge fan of local stories and share them with the rest of the world. That’s why I work as an editor-reporter at the Amsterdam local news. One day I want to travel the world and make local stories more global. That’s why I’m doing this minor now.