Adriana Matthé

Adriana Matthé (22)

My name is Adriana Matthé and I’m a third-year Journalism student from Belgium. I study Journalism in Ghent at the Artveldehogeschool, but this semester I’m spending my time at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam studying International journalism. My interests differ from human rights issues to lifestyle and fashion. Later in life, I would love to join research teams of documentaries or work behind the scenes of educational television shows. We’ll see where I end up!

Anne Vandepitte

Anne Vandepitte (20)

Hi! My name is Anne Vandepitte and I am an exchange student from Belgium. I study journalism and right now I’m doing a minor in international journalism at HvA. I am interested in lifestyle topics, law and politics. Video, audio and design are what I like doing best. It allows me to use my creativity. I think journalistic work is very important for society. As a journalist you have the chance to give people a better understanding of different points of view. The news is important to everyone and it is our job to report it in the best possible way.

Aukje Bentvelsen

Aukje Bentvelsen (19)

Hey everyone! My name is Aukje and I am a student Creative Business at Saxion University of applied sciences in Enschede. Within my studies, I specialise in Journalism. That is also why I am in Amsterdam right now! I am following the minor ‘international journalism’ here at the HVA. I have a big interest in news, politics and the media landscape in general. Journalism is a fascinating profession to me, because journalists have a critical view on the powers of the country and are also able to convey this criticism to a wider audience. I am especially interested in Investigative journalism. I want to know exactly what happened in certain situations and get justice for the people involved. Journalists are important all around the world and I hope I can be one of them someday.



Antonio Jung

Antonio Jung (22)

Hi! I’m Antonio, a third-year Journalism student from Media University in Stuttgart, Germany.  Getting to know journalism from an international angle and improving my English, were two reasons why I chose going to Amsterdam as an exchange student. The fact that Amsterdam is a beautiful and lively city, of course, also played a role. I also like to meet new people and spend time with them. Since I’m a football enthusiast, I like to write about football and sports in general.


Baptiste Perrin

Baptiste Perrin (19)

My name is Baptiste Perrin. I come from France. I studied in Paris for two years. I’m a huge fan of sports. I played rugby, tennis and badminton in competition. Until the end of my high school I wanted to become a sports journalist. But, now I am interested in different topics like international politics, history or culture. I like writing. In my opinion, the profession of journalism is a noble profession. Journalists don’t earn a lot of money. That’s why we must be passionate if we want to enjoy our job.

Camille Goris

Camille Goris (21)

Hi! I am Camille, an exchange student from Belgium. I study Journalism in Ghent, but now you can find me in Amsterdam studying International Journalism at the HvA. I am interested in everything that has to do with radio! I like to make radioshows, podcasts, … I also like social media and television. I like the rise of to learn about the news via social media. I hope here in Amsterdam to broaden my vision on news and to learn and refine my skills! And also to improve my English, because there is still a lot of work on that!

Chiara Toorop

Chiara Toorop (21)

My name is Chiara. I study Creative Business at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I was born and raised in Amsterdam. I still live in Amsterdam together with my parents and my brother. In my studY I specialized in writing. Which is also why I choose to do the minor international journalism. I would like to make writing my profession. I am not sure in what field yet, but I hope I will figure this out in the upcoming year. Besides writing I also like drawing and reading. My dream is to have my own business where I can combine my love for writing and drawing.

Chloe Schlette

Chloe Schlette (22)

Hi! My name is Chloe Schlette and I’m a fourth-year Creative Business student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I was born and raised in Purmerend, but I recently moved to Delft to build up a life there. Next to the classes I follow, I run my own social media bureau. I love writing and photography. During this minor I hope I learn more about this so I can use this experience in the future.

Colette Budde

Colette Budde (21)

Hi! I'm Colette and I study Communications at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. My interests lie with social-cultural and environmental issues and the media.  Within my studies I specialize in social-cultural matters and did my first minor in Video & Television. I chose International Journalism as a second minor to explore the journalistic angle of these topics and issues. During this minor I want to increase my journalism skills and learn from my fellow (international) students, as well as increasing my English vocabulary.

Emma Le Petitcorps

Emma Le Petitcorps (21)
Hi! My name is Emma and I am an exchange student from Paris, France where I study communication at Iscom. I am here in Amsterdam to study international journalism at HVA in order to broaden my experience. I like writing and I am interested in cinema, political sciences, culture and social issues. I am also interested in war journalism because it shows a raw reality and reminds us of the brutality of war. In my opinion, journalism is a way of giving a voice to those who are not generally heard, and it can be the witness of social and political problems.

Enrico Lenes

Enrico Lenes (23)

My name is Enrico Lenes and I am a public administration student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. My biggest news related interests are politics, foreign policy and general international news. I seek articles that challenge me to think deeply about what I am reading. As an extremely curious person, I would like to know every single perspective of the story to fully understand what is happening. Because of my curiosity for both ends of the narrative, I strive to be objective at all times. With some topics this could be challenging. Especially for someone with profound political interest.



Eva Plank

Eva Plank (20)

Hey everyone, my name is Eva! I’m originally from Austria, where I study Journalism and Media Management. Right now, I’m doing my minor in International Journalism here at the HvA. My biggest interests lie in foreign affairs, conflict areas and human rights, which is why I started a second degree in political science. These two studies perfectly fit my career goal of becoming a foreign correspondent for the Austrian public broadcaster. In my spare time, I spend a lot of time in nature doing sports like hiking or skiing. Other than that, I love to travel and get to know new people who inspire me.


Gudr Al Ayouby

Gudr Al Ayouby (20)

Hi! My name is Gudr, and I am a Creative Business student at the Hogeschool Utrecht currently partaking in the International Journalism minor. I am very passionate about political journalism, and enjoy writing, editing, and presenting.

Iraia Vieira

Iraia Vieira (21)

Hi! My name is Iraia Vieira and I am a Journalism student at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I would like to learn more about international political conflicts while doing this minor and, of course, improve my English. I am very curious and very creative, so I love starting new projects. Living here in Amsterdam and meeting new people could be one of these projects.

Julia Fernández

Julia Fernández (21)

Hi! My name is Julia Fernández. I’m an exchange student from Madrid, Spain. I currently live in Amsterdam and I’m doing a minor in International Journalism at the HvA. I’m really interested in communication, design, and fashion. Last year I had the opportunity to work as a freelance in Telva magazine, a lifestyle magazine in Spain. I love researching topics that have something to do with fashion, luxury, beauty, and lifestyle. Also, I enjoy designing and creating editorial projects such as magazine covers and the inside content of a magazine. I really see myself working in a communication or advertising agency or a magazine editorial.

Laura Epple

Laura Epple (22)

Hey everyone! I’m Laura and I study Mediapublishing in Stuttgart, Germany. Right now, I’m an exchange student in the HvA minor program International Journalism. My interests are quite different like lifestyle, fashion, politics, human rights, war journalism and happenings all around the world. In my opinion writing and designing is the most fun part of being a journalist because I can be really creative. I also love to do research on several topics like war and conflicts because I believe we should all know what is happening in the world we’re living in. I feel like Amsterdam is the perfect city to learn more about international affairs, improve my English and knowledge about journalism and of course - have a good time! 

Martine Kvisgaard Borgund

Martine Kvisgaard Borgund (22)

Hey! I am Martine from Norway. Back in Oslo I study a bachelor in journalism at the Oslo Metropolitan University. Living in Amsterdam, I feel like the opportunities are endless, I have the same feeling about journalism. This profession gives me the creative outlet that I need, and it also makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger than me. Equality and justice are two key words I would love to see more of in our society, and I hope and believe that good journalism can play an important role in working to achieve it.

Maya luz Hartog

Maya luz Hartog (23)

Hi! My name is Maya luz Hartog (she/they)  and I am a Creative Business student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I am from Breukelen and am currently living in Hilversum, where I also work as a freelance journalist. Writing has always been a passion of mine. All throughout my time here at HvA I have been working towards becoming a writer. And I hope that this minor will help me perfect my craft.

Naomi Ramkhelawan

Naomi Ramkhelawan (24) 

My name is Naomi and I’m living in Amsterdam. Currently I’m in my last year of the bachelor’s degree Creative Business at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. For the next semester I’m following the minor International Journalism. I'm interested in sports and crime journalism. My passion for journalism started at my internship at the city channel AT5 in Amsterdam. I like to create stories and present them to others. I would like to challenge myself by broadening my knowledge of journalism, especially in English.

Rosalie Duin

Rosalie Duin (20)

My name is Rosalie Duin. I come from the Netherlands. I was born and raised on the island Texel. I study Photography at the University of the Arts Utrecht. Right now I am doing a minor in International Journalism at the HVA. I’m really interested in different cultures and languages. I love to do documentary photography and portraits. I want to improve my writing, aiming to combine it with photography. Hopefully after this minor my English has also become a lot better, so I will be able to work abroad in the future.

Teun de Leeuw

Teun de Leeuw (21)

My name is Teun de Leeuw. I am an architecture student at the Amsterdam University of Applied sciences. I currently live in Amsterdam. The news I follow the most is news about international news, sports, politics and day to day news. I chose for international journalism as a minor because I always had interests in news and this minor gave me a good opportunity to broaden my horizon.