Amber Vuylsteke

Amber Vuylsteke (19)-  Hi guys! I’m from Belgium. Because of my passion for writing, I chose to study journalism. Normally, I go to school in Ghent, but I am currently studying International Journalism in Amsterdam for 5 months. I enjoy reading books and writing poems, I even have an Instagram account for my poetry. I’m also interested in society and the environment, that’s why I’d love writing for a newspaper.

Anne Schoonderwoert

Anne Schoonderwoert (20) - I'm Anne Schoonderwoert, a 20-year-old student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I study media and my passion lies with making videos. A job at a company like Netflix would be pretty cool. I hope to improve my writing skills and my English during this minor.

Babette Res

Babette Res (24)- Hi guys! I come from a small village (Bergen) in Holland. When I grow up, I hope to work in a place where I can  write creatively. Next to writing, my passion is field hockey. A fun fact: I work in the Red Light District. And no… not behind the windows. I work in a museum about prostitution.

Bram van Wijnen

Bram van Wijnen (19)-  I am from Leerdam, Zuid Holland. I’m studying SPECO Sports and Communication at the Fontys academy in Tilburg. I’m a sports lover so it would be awesome if I can combine journalism and sports in my future job.


Brianna Novak

Brianna Novak (20) - Hey fellows! I am from the hip capital of Germany where I study Journalism and Corporate Communication. I am really excited to meet many international people during my stay in Amsterdam. After graduating, I would like to travel the world. Then, it is my ambition to write for an online magazine or newspaper about fashion, lifestyle and different cultures. Fun fact about me: Don’t offer me dark chocolate, otherwise I will sneeze a lot!


Dalla Coulibaly

Dalla Coulibaly (20)- I’m Dalla! It’s like Dallas without an S. The first thing I can say about myself is that I’m a living meme: funny faces and crazy imitations included. Born in Paris, currently in Amsterdam for a year, I plan to live my life to its fullest and enjoy my experience abroad. I have two passions: animes (and the Japanese culture to be honest) and series. Fun fact, I can sing all the jingles of series and cartoons from our childhood. Don't believe me? Watch me!

Dana Dubbers

Dana Dubbers (21)- I’m was born in Germany. I switched Stuttgart’s inescapable car noise with the comfy sound of cycling through Amsterdam and I now have the chance to listen to the city’s tone for the next five months. My five wisdom teeth unfortunately didn’t make me all-wise, which is probably why I still have to figure out which part of media suits me best.

Denise van der Bij

Denise van der Bij (20)- Hi there! I live in Gouda. I study sports communication at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg. I hope this minor will help me improve my English and my writing skills, so that I can hopefully be a sports journalist in the future. Normally I am a very quiet person, but when I am at a game, I can be very fanatical!

Emma Wendt

Emma Wendt (24) - I am from Copenhagen and currently a Fashion & Branding student. Art, creative writing and photography are among my interests. I hope someday I will be able to work as an art director and freelance journalist for an independent magazine. A fun fact about me: I have lived in Nepal, the Philippines, Scotland and now Holland. Safe to say I have felt like an expat for most of my life. However, I love it.

Evelina Kulp

Evelina Kulp (22)- I study journalism at the University of Helsinki in Finland. I’m very excited to do a minor here in one of my favorite European cities, Amsterdam, and to explore everything this place has to offer. I hope my time here gives me new knowledge, experience and inspiration that can help me in my future life and career.

Jasmine Wallis

Jasmine Wallis (22)-  I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I'm studying Media and Communications at my home university, but am excited to study this minor to push myself and improve my journalism skills further. In the future, my aim is to work for a fashion magazine and hopefully become editor-in-chief one day! A fun fact about myself is that even though I feel like a full-on Aussie, I'm actually a European Citizen. I was born in England so I have two passports!

Jet Beers

Jet Beers (21)- Hi, I’m Jet! Hopefully I graduate this year. I study Social and Cultural Development. Growing up in the Southern most part of Holland, my dream was to become a war reporter. In the future, I hope to combine my studies with the power of journalism in order to create awareness about what is going on in the world. In my free time, you can find me in the water, kitesurfing, or making Gin & tonic’s. Drinks on me!

Joia Vieira

Joia Vieira (20)- Hi fellow students! I am a 20-year-old studying International Sport, Management and Business at the HvA. I am half Portuguese (as you might have noticed by my name) and half Dutch. Dancing, talking (too much) and travelling are things that keep me busy in my spare time. Fun fact: I taught myself how to communicate with water in my mouth.

Laura Hornberger

Laura Hornberger (-)- Hi guys, I study Cross Media-Journalism in Stuttgart, Germany. In terms of my ambitions, I love to interview interesting people and dive into other worlds. I am passionate about writing, photography and filming and hope to combine that in my future. My main goal was to work for a print magazine, which unfortunately has been discontinued a few months ago. Now I am looking for a new career goal during this time of change in journalism.


Lebrina Latupeirissa

Lebrina Latupeirissa (24)- I am currently living in the cutest city of Holland: Utrecht. I study Arts and Economics, practice ballet in my spare time and work in the coolest bar during the weekends. A fact you should definitely know about me: I am the biggest Michael Jackson fan in the universe.

Livia Hirsch

Livia Hirsch (22)- I am a student at the HvA majoring in International Fashion Management. I was born and raised in France, but I have also lived in the States and Canada. I choose this minor as I want to learn about different forms of media and hopefully one day work in a marketing firm. Something fun about me: I also studied political science for one year before switching to fashion.


Mathilde de Gooijer

Mathilde de Gooijer (26) - Hi! I live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, where I study Communication at the University of Applied Sciences. I work as a tour guide, but after my studies I hope to work at the press department of the Dutch ministry. My interests include politics, social issues and music. I often go to concerts and theater shows. The first thing I do in the morning is check the news, after I’ve checked my social media, of course.

Nina Muller

Nina Muller (21)- Hi there, I'm Nina! Normally I study Media Management in Stuttgart. But because I’m a very curious person who loves to get creative, I moved to Amsterdam to learn more about today's society and how to tell people's' stories whether it's on paper, radio or TV. When I'm not at uni or at home, I'm probably somewhere improvising scenes with my improvisation group. After all, I love fictional stories, too.

Robin Chun

Robin Chun (22) - What's up everyone, my name is Robin. I'm 22 years old and I was born and raised in Haarlem. I study public administration and politics, so naturally my ambitions are to take over the world! Besides my quest for world domination, my academic interests are politics, philosophy and social sciences in general. Also, one could say I'm a major Hip Hop head, so if you have any questions about the culture: I'm your guy.

Ruben Andriesse

Ruben Andriesse (23) - I have been living in Amsterdam for 1.5 years now. Originally, I am from the beautiful but small city of Haarlem. For the past 6 months, I have been doing my internship at the social media department at KLM which was very inspiring and a lot of fun.

Salvador Nito

Salvador Nito (22) - I’m from Mexico City, where I study communication. Previously, I’ve worked as an entertainment journalist. I’ve covered music and film festivals, written reviews and done interviews with bands and artists. My main interest is cinema, and my aspiration is to become a filmmaker. Fun Fact: I am part asian.

Sebastian Aceves

Sebastian Aceves (21) - Hi I'm Sebastian from Mexico. I’m a student from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and I’m doing a minor in International Journalism. My dream is to broadcast larger sports events such as the Olympic Games and the Football World Cup. I always look for new adventures and experiences to share.

Tatiana Lopes

Tatiana Lopes (20) - I am Tatiana, aka « tati from Paris but from Portugal ». Being born between two cultures results in self identity issues. But it also brings great things, like traveling (to Portugal, very often, but also everywhere I can) and speaking many languages (almost six!). Both fascinated and disgusted by the fashion and modeling industries, I want to work in those fields, but international journalism in Amsterdam is a way for me to be more open to the « real » world.

Vincent Leb

Vincent Leb (20) - A year ago, I started studying Journalism in Vienna as I loved to tell stories, felt passionate about engaging in discussions and was interested in exploring people’s different worldviews. After two semesters at the FHWien der WKW, I felt it was time to dare the unknown through studying in Amsterdam. In the long run, I dream of becoming a radio reporter, but for now not getting run over by a cyclist while admiring one of Amsterdam’s lovely streets is my priority.