How a new metro will change Amsterdam

By Felix Kostersitz The project “Noord-Zuid Lijn” in Amsterdam officially started in April 2003. However, the discussion had already started in the 70’s. This project is a new metro line, which connects Amsterdam Noord, through the IJ and the city centre, with the south of Netherlands capital. The opening of the new public transport project was already planned for 2012. But due to reckless mistakes … Continue reading How a new metro will change Amsterdam

Catching Trains on Efteling Tunes

PODCAST If you’ve ever been at Amsterdam Central Station, you may have noticed three things. One – it’s beautiful. Two – it’s huge. Three – there is constant music playing at night and in early mornings. And it isn’t the usual top 40 hits. In this podcast, reporter Jill Paat finds out where precisely this soundtrack comes from + why it’s played every. single. day. … Continue reading Catching Trains on Efteling Tunes

Interview – investigative journalist Sinan Can

‘If want to reach a bunch of people; the best way would definitely be the bloody Internet.’ INTERVIEW: INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST SINAN CAN By: Sam van Royen No one can deny that journalism has changed ever so greatly in the past two decades, particularly in terms of digitalisation. Sinan Can is a Dutch investigative journalist who has methodically planned his way to doing what he truly … Continue reading Interview – investigative journalist Sinan Can

The Squatters’ Nest

By Viva van Jaarsveld and Ife Alayande When thinking of the architectural landscape in Amsterdam South-East, most people think of tall and grey flats adorned with satellite dishes. However, some a few houses break the pattern. Reporters Ife and Viva have visited a squatters’ house that is next to Metro station Kraaiennest. Students Bobby (28) and Sela (24) are the residents of this odd-looking residence. … Continue reading The Squatters’ Nest