The Bright Future of Korean Skin Care

Donkey milk, horse semen and placenta don’t sound like things you would happily smother your face with, right? Think again. Korean beauty products, known as ‘K-Beauty’ by fans, are taking over the Western beauty scene. K-Beauty products are known for their unique, sometimes bizarre ingredients and cute packaging. By Ife Alayande The Korean beauty standards seem to differ a lot from typical Western beauty ideals. … Continue reading The Bright Future of Korean Skin Care

PODCAST: The Future of Europe

By Valentina Kress Once a powerful, dominant structure, the European Union is experiencing hard times. Faced with challenges such as Brexit, the European refugee crisis, and political and authoritarian instability, many are left wondering how the EU is going to cope.  In her podcast, Valentine Kress explores this topic, investigating just how the future of the European Union may look. Continue reading PODCAST: The Future of Europe

Changing Attitudes Towards Migration in the Netherlands

Long considered an open and accepting society, the Netherlands has a significantly multi-cultural population. Priding itself on its tolerance and well-recognised for being the first country to legalize same-sex marriage, the country’s progressive ways of thinking have made it a very appealing location to resettle in. However, with a rise in support for right-wing politicians across the country, opinions have begun to shift. Can the … Continue reading Changing Attitudes Towards Migration in the Netherlands

“It was brilliant, in a sick way”

By Liora Israelsohn The Propaganda of South African Apartheid Apartheid South Africa meant separate development. Between 1948 and 1994, it meant black South Africans didn’t have the vote, they had to live in self-contained areas and had strict laws surrounding what they could and couldn’t do. They had separate busses, separate toilets, and separate schools. Essentially, black South Africans were second class citizens. Ian Marks … Continue reading “It was brilliant, in a sick way”