Overpopulation make transportation suffer

Istanbul has for many years been struggling with traffic. Traffic jams, fully crowded roads, and crowded public transport added to a population that keeps growing making it problematic for the inhabitants. According to a report by TomTom, it takes 20 minutes and 40 seconds on average to travel ten kilometers in Istanbul. The busiest time is 6. p.m on weekdays with an average of 30 … Continue reading Overpopulation make transportation suffer

“Welcome to introvert happy hour”

The book club where people come together to read in silence. In Amsterdam, the Silent Book Club has been meeting once a month for nearly two years and has steadily grown in popularity over time.  The Silent Book Club (SBC) began in 2012 with a couple of friends in San Francisco, California. Fast-forward a decade and the volunteer-led club now has chapters in approximately 300 … Continue reading “Welcome to introvert happy hour”

“More important than a relationship”

Lena Jager (28) is from Amsterdam and she has found the perfect connection with her dancing partner. Having great chemistry with her dancing partner is extremely important to Lena, as she is competing on a high level in the Netherlands and internationally.  Dancing is a big part of Lena’s life, however she also works as a pediatric nurse at an ICU. She started dancing at … Continue reading “More important than a relationship”