A shared economy is the new thing in Barcelona

By Christina Hanson A new trend has arrived in Barcelona – the shared economy. The average household income and the power of consumer purchasing has dropped, which means that more and more people living in Spain are forced to find additional ways to supplement their income. To get more value for money, two workspaces in the city of Barcelona offer the opportunity of a shared … Continue reading A shared economy is the new thing in Barcelona

Keep your car data safe

Cars are constantly collecting huge amounts of data that is being used for many different purposes. These purposes include; driving and parking assistance or navigation systems. While this data is used in convenient and efficient ways, the collection of personal data in cars – such as location, speed and braking habits – could also be considered a privacy threat that you can’t escape. Data protection … Continue reading Keep your car data safe

Catalonian referendum in Amsterdam’s ‘Roest’

By Felix Kostersitz Roest. A bar in the east of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. It is Wednesday evening. The artificial beach in the outside area of the bar is closed. It is already cold and the sand next to the canals is damped. The first thing which catches one’s eyes inside the location is the bar, which is in the middle of the room. The … Continue reading Catalonian referendum in Amsterdam’s ‘Roest’

A home under the bridge

In the biggest park of Amsterdam there is a bridge. Under this bridge, people seek shelter for the rain, hangs out with their friends, plays music during the day and sleeps during the night. This article and photo essay gives an insight in how the life under the bridge in Vondelpark is. By Elisabeth Ulla Uksnøy and Christina Hanson   “The Dutch system treats me … Continue reading A home under the bridge

“Up to now, I still think that Falun Gong is an evil cult”

By Roxanne Hendrickx History’s taught us that China is a country that used propaganda as a method of communication and conviction regularly. While Mao was ruling, the public experienced a lot of influence from above. The government controlled the educational system and the media, there were huge propaganda campaigns, there was a nationwide loudspeaker system to impose messages, etc. The use of propaganda was so … Continue reading “Up to now, I still think that Falun Gong is an evil cult”